Haiku Kukai 1

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017


dawn to dusk
in the park
dragons and fairytales

no reply
the pictures come down
the locket is removed

Children play but
carefully not in the streets
a mother weeps

paint chips
i keep picking
can't stop

lying on the couch
nothing to do
winter break

pull the blinds
wipe your eyes
grab the keys

oversized t-shirts
necks red from sun
squeaky sneakers on the court

another year
a new-er me
watch out

deep in the woods
big fire ablaze
loud country music

winter break is here
traveling home by myself
but I won't be lonely

musty room
new sheets
remember to call mom

rays of sunlight
bounce off the pond

early morning silence
the front door squeaks
as I tip toe to my room

cereal crunching
mom jingles her keys
better hurry

tall brick houses
covered in snow
whistling wind

the heat of the sun
peeling skin
sweaty palms

ball drops at midnight
friend by my side
no words exchanged

layers of clothes
protect the heart
from becoming too cold

“Home Address”
space left blank

another January
another year spent
without a home

when did my mom
become just
my mother

early morning
body stretches
half-opened blinds

street lamps show
the path home
to you

cover of night
crystal clear waters
skinny dipping

through the holes
of the chain link fence
the first snow softly falls

a powerful night
two people hold hands
stronger than ever

heat on
warm bodies lie parallel
window cracked

drink up sweet love
I can't say no
to you

as i was waiting
for first sun to rise
it dawned on me

under my blankets
listening to Rebelution
cozy is an understatement

in the microwave
far too long

from young and immature
to old and wise

no longer a kid but
when will I stop
eating gummy vitamins

the sound of snow
fills my ears
childlike excitement

black coffee
breaking the barrier

feeling the heat
spread to my face
i run another lap

up in the lifeguard chair
sunglasses slipping
children splashing

sharpening pencils
missing mum
the rush begins

clinking dishes
sound amoung the trees
one sweet melody

summer sun
the swish of his hair
he winks






chicken sandwich
on a plastic plate
the chime of the bell

box after box
she lifts off the ground
eighteen stairs

muscle aches
50 meters to go
sweltering sun

sweaty brow
5,000 steps
the ants go marching . . .

big heavy boxes
hands slipping
the AC kicks on

out by the sunset
    the memory of the first time
        we cherished the stars

my head floats
my nose groans
101.1 Farenheit

ice skating rink
gliding around

five days of break
to call friends

cutting oranges as
fast as fans

frozen box ‘o books
on the snowy porch
. . . wrong address!

beads of sweat
form a necklace
like pearls

figure eights
swinging in circles
looking at the ceiling again

cabbage head
laughing at the kids
a brand new game

part the sea
two hands crossing
tenderly touching

papers and papers
scratch this
rewrite that

damp shirt with
feet up—
noisy fan

frigid toes
in bed
but at least I'm fed

pristine snow
turns to slush
the end of winter break

cheers from the crowd
hats line the sky
dreams turn to reality

she said no
nobody believed her
pieces broke

plates cleared
my father's beard
sitting in complete silence

bare feet on a cold
bathroom floor
into the warm shower

blow down the street
a distant bark

wind chill
cupping your hands
to exhale heat

popping popcorn
the tv flashes
new episode

movement stopped
icing on the lake

icing on cake
champagne flutes
goodbye twenty-sixteen

swimming pool
eyes everywhere
should've hit the gym

sweat drips down
my face—
going for a dip

starting the school year
track is beginning
turning in my uniform

cars flying by
sun basking on the dash
windows open

blue shades
same crunch
changing mountain

watching the news
ice storm
grocery shopping

snow is gone
my favorite path reopened
shoes will be muddy

flowers blooming
walk to school
much more enjoyable

hot summer day
sprinklers and popsicles
picnic in the park

spring walk
passing runners
head nod

count down begins
the anticipation builds
clock strikes midnight






damp and uncomfortable
hoping no one notices
the heat stains

headlights lead the way
silence in the car
the trip back

married by December
   and by that night
     i was feeling the warmth of it

once again
my heart goes out
to my dog when I leave home

chai tea
on lazy days

nervous start
long winter
all on faith

the mother
wonders who
he went to see

bright moon
no where to go
wolf howls

sweat and exhaustion . . .
i never liked sharing
my bed

never fully unpacked
it's only
four weeks

game show network
and day time television
Emily's home for break

ginger bread cookies
egg nog
my grandma's a racist

ninety five degrees
flip flops
I need a new shirt

overhead fan
panting dog
we all scream for ice cream

the swimming pool
is open no one in sight
high electricity bill

unlock the door
floors are creaky
chilly steps

streetlights come on
groans are heard
light up shoes stomp away

sore arms
tired legs
smiling at the scale

pumpkin spiced everything
reminds me
to buy candy

young love overcomes all
they wed
baby cries in a distance

I squeeze her tight
one last time
long summer night

doodling in her notes
trying to focus
on anything but him

six snowy steps

winter chill
devoted to stay warm
doing nothing

the Christmas tree
is still standing
no longer lit

too long of a break
cocooned like a moth
forced out

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.