Haiku Kukai 2

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017


this is our time
to be stupid
if you say so

a huge dog bed
curled up in the center
the cat

gourmet noodles with a
hint of salt and chicken
20 cents per meal

empty tissue box
tells me
this wasn't easy

cold drink of water
felt all the way down
now another

her peaceful voice
loving stories
my grandma

struggling through
to get to the break

when the stars
left your eyes
i knew we were over

initialing the paper
blank mind
blank paper

morning coffee
house shakes
from the kids upstairs

without a doubt
she scans the ballot
and I'm with her

locked myself out
of Scovill
after a last cigarette

maybe tomorrow
I will
procrastinate some more

my mind says go eat well
my bank account disagrees

the car is packed
the roads are clear
her future awaits

he walks by me
no eye contact

waking up
every day
to breasts I don't want

a new swarm of fruit flies
greets me
I found my apple

I can't remember my dad
without a beer
in his hand

due at midnight
typing quickly
want ice cream

perfect night
dressed all up
breakfast at midnight

he breaks away
he scores

bike tires crunch gravel
friends race downhill
laughing together

three kisses on the cheek
the day has ended
the pain is gone


chai tea latte

fight club
first rule

tasks adding up
one more cat video
before bed

garden shenanigans
ready for eating

trail mix
red pepper hummus
meaningful conversation

hushed laughter
down the hall
my parents watch the television set

battery of my computer
isn't the only thing
that's dead

my hand on his chest
warm beat of the heart
five minutes left


running running running
       b r e a t h e

legs propped
back supported
head in the clouds

parties around us
test next day

nervous hands and
eyes shaking
he pushes her to drink again

group project
I smile
Psycho plays in my head

I watched
the line skipping
through the fast waters




last minute
racing the clock
printer is out of ink

scary movie on
rain hits the window

a dad's shoulder
tear soaked
out of tissue

scrounging for food
in the apartment
toaster strudel for dinner?

smoke billows
out of the car
bloodshot eyes

hermit crab
once, one of two
now lonely

i've been accepting
rides from voices who put me
in the passenger seat

I didn't give him my number
I wonder if
I missed my chance

twinkling lights
on the evergreen
my brother is in awe

young Love
so sweet and pure
a baby cries in the distance

too poor
for McDonald's
dollar menu

peach shampoo
in her cherry red hair
bubblegum lips

grad school applications
need more
. . . coffee

three streets over
his door waits

something stronger
to forget her touch
another shot of tequila

shopping together
grins on their faces
pink or blue?

at a restaurant
she looks familiar

beautiful woman
walks into church
gliding in her pumps

chipped paint
in the corner
the door slapping closed

through the maze
around the corner
finish line

under blankets
one more episode

tapping toes
linoleum floors
just grocery shopping

icy windows
my hand reahcing
for one more candy cane

deep breaths
hands on knees
I hate the Shilling stairs

dark sidewalk
oncoming traffic
one headlight slightly dimmed

that crooked smile
with a black eye
shines the brightest

the moon light
guides us
reliving last night

sometimes school life is rough
today wasn't so bad
because I saw a dog

happier without you
in the desk drawer

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.