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Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017


this is our time
to be stupid
if you say so

Andrea Burns

My favorite thing about this haiku is how open it is. These three lines could be about anything and everything. To me it feels like young love, the kind of love that you know isn't gonna last but you're determined to enjoy it while it's there anyways. The kind of love where you make stupid decisions together and you might end up regretting it but doesn't it feel good to let go in the moment? Maybe this haiku is about this, maybe it isn't, but it reminds me of people I used to know and people I know now and it makes me nostalgic for a time where I wasn't so afraid. Sam

a huge dog bed
curled up in the center
the cat

Caitlyn Latshaw (4)

gourmet noodles with a
hint of salt and chicken
20 cents per meal

Amanda Donohoe (2)

empty tissue box
tells me
this wasn't easy

cold drink of water
felt all the way down
now another

Caitlyn Latshaw (4)

This haiku instantly made me think about waking up in the morning after lon long nights of partying and immediately waking up in the morning and chugging water after water. Also after many days of long practices in the hot humid water and takin a break during practice and chugging water. Even when your home, you have practiced so hard that even in the shower you want to just chug the water you're showering in you are that dehydrated. This haiku made me instantly think of times I have been dehydrated as ever and wanted more and more water. Kyle M

her peaceful voice
loving stories
my grandma

Chase Smith (4)

struggling through
to get to the break

Chase Smith (4)

when the stars
left your eyes
i knew we were over

Emily Chudzik

I was drawn to this specific haiku because it's a very personal piece, yet very relatable. While we all don't see stars in our significant other's eyes, we all understand the feeling of being in touch with another person. Consequently, when we don't feel in touch or connected anymore, that is when we know that the relationship is unofficially done. I like this haiku because it draws on that experience that is so pivotal in our lives at that time. Yet, we still get a very aesthetically pleasing moment when remembering the twinkle in someone's eyes and referring to them as the stars. Andie

This haiku resonates with me because of a past breakup. In general, relationships are difficult, especially when the individuals are young and unexperienced. This haiku sets a very unique scene, one where the person felt very strongly about the other because they saw stars in the other persons eyes, something magical and special. But the person knew the relationship was over when that image left, when things did not feel the same. Despite the haiku's sadness, there is something comforting in knowing when the relationship is over. Instead of being in limbo and not know whether to continue or not, this person knows the relationship is over. However, it is unknown if the person acts upon this instinct. Brittany

initialing the paper
blank mind
blank paper

morning coffee
house shakes
from the kids upstairs

Kyle McMahon (4)

This haiku brings be right back home. I sleep in the basement of our house, and every morning during the weekend there are loud steps and thumps heard above me when I sleep. I'll be laying there in and out of sleep hearing toys, balls, and footsteps. My nephew is upstairs crashing trucks into each other and running after our dog. I know he has a lot of fun in the first few hours of the morning, but I am always upset that my sleep is being disturbed. This brings me to those moments of weird sleep patterns and loud toys. Jordan

without a doubt
she scans the ballot
and I'm with her

locked myself out
of Scovill
a last cigarette

Kyle Kite (3)

My friend Austyn and I were studying late at night for our Physical Chemistry exam in Leighty Tabor. We were studying for a while so we decided to take a break and get McDonalds. It was a little past 11 p.m. when we got back to Leighty. We approached the door and yanked on it noticing that it was locked. We swiped each of our IDs to get in but nothing was working. The worst part was that we left all our things in the room we were studying in. We noticed the janitors on the first floor so we started pounding on the door to get in. Luckily, they noticed and opened the door for us. This haiku reminded me of that specific night but instead of going for a smoke we were getting food. Kate

maybe tomorrow
I will
procrastinate some more

Nick Retherford (4)

I relate to this haiku way too much. I keep telling myself to do these homework assignments the day of the assignment or a day after I get them, but I always wait till the last minute to finish it all. I get the thought in my mind that I will work on it and then I always find something easier to do like sleep. Nick K.

my mind says go eat well
my bank account disagrees

the car is packed
the roads are clear
her future awaits

Yunek Moore

This one also had a very hopeful feeling to me because it's about a fresh start. I interpreted it as a girl who was moving to a new place, maybe the big city. She is done with living at home and is moving off to have a career and an adventure of her own. She has all of her belongings gathered and packed up in her car and she's looking at the highway ahead of her, excited but also nervous about her future endeavors. I can relate to this because after graduation, I plan on moving to Chicago to start a career of my own. As graduation is only 15 months away, I'm getting closer and closer to my goals every day and I'm excited but also very scared. Jake

he walks by me
no eye contact

waking up
every day
to breasts I don't want

Samuel Miller (4)

a new swarm of fruit flies
greets me
I found my apple

Amanda Donohoe (2)

I can't remember my dad
without a beer
in his hand

Samuel Miller (7)

due at midnight
typing quickly
want ice cream

perfect night
dressed all up
breakfast at midnight

Paige Dorsel (4)

This one just reminded me of high school and prom night when my mom wouldn't be such a stickler about being home on time. Getting pancakes at midnight was probably the “coolest” thing I could do at a fresh age of seventeen. And it truly was a perfect night because we got to stay out late and we didn't have a parent coming to pick us up. This was the growing up we could handle and it wasn't scary, it was liberating and exciting. This haiku absolutely put a smile on my face. Andie

I am just going to continue to go with the partying theme on these haikus. This haiku made me think of all the times my friends and I have been out later then we really should be and at this time the only places that are still open and serving food are breakfast joints such as Denny's and IHOP that serve 24/7. So there we are all dressed up, looking as good as we can caught in a breakfast joint at 2 am. This haiku instantly made me think of memories such as these. Kyle M.

he breaks away
he scores

Caitlyn Latshaw (3)

bike tires crunch gravel
friends race downhill
laughing together

three kisses on the cheek
the day has ended
the pain is gone


Kyle Kite (7)

I thought this was quite clever because of the layout of the format. Especially the word delta goes with cigs because of delta sigma which is a fraternity and cigarettes for Marlboro. I definitely thought that was quite the clever touch. I just thought that this haiku was creative in the wording and format. Another part to this is I am part of greek life and I could relate to greek letters in this haiku. Olivia

chai tea latte

Kyle Kite (4)

fight club
first rule

Kyle Kite (7)

tasks adding up
one more cat video
before bed

Nicholas Kemp (3)

I enjoy this haiku because I totally do this when I should be working. I constantly watch little animal videos before I go to sleep, right after I wake up, when I should be doing homework, etc. So this was a very relatable haiku for me because the author and I experience similar procrastination techniques. We also seem to share a love for how adorable small baby animals can be, which I always will respect. Kyle K.

garden shenanigans
ready for eating

Nicholas Kemp (3)

trail mix
red pepper hummus
meaningful conversation

hushed laughter
down the hall
my parents watch the television set

battery of my computer
isn't the only thing
that's dead

Brittany Walsh

I think that any college kid can relate to this poem. When I read this poem I imagine sitting in the library or math suite until late hours of the night working or studying until you reach that point that you cant work anymore. Your laptop is dead and is turning off and your brain is almost completely fried. It is time to go home and sleep or nap and recharge. Caitlyn


my hand on his chest
warm beat of the heart
five minutes left

Caitlyn Latshaw

Love is definitely the subject of this haiku, and I appreciate it because it sets a romantic scene. I personally connect to this haiku because my significant other and I live some distance from one another and only get to see each other every so often. When she has to leave, we count down the minutes and even having five minutes left, we cherish every moment. There is something special about a relationship like that, where neither person wants to leave or be left even for just a short while. Brittany


running running running
       b r e a t h e

Jordan Oelze (7)

What really drew my attention to this haiku was the structure of it. I can really see the action that is being written and the spacing really gives me the sense of being out of breath. It also makes me want to take a breath between each letter in the word “breathe”, which I find to be a very compelling use of a word. Overall the structure was one of the coolest I have seen so far and that's what I really like about it. Kyle K.

legs propped
back supported
head in the clouds

Brittany Walsh

When I first read through this haiku, I imagine the young boy with his legs propped up in a relaxed position. The author of this haiku further is the imagery of relaxation by pointing out that his/her back is supported. The last line brings in the most meaning. It talks of the clouds in the hell this character in the haiku is relaxing on the ground, yet his head is in the clouds. Though he is grounded, his thoughts are way up in the air. I imagine the boy having wondering blue eyes that seem to reflect the clouds. Paige

parties around us
test next day

Chase Smith (4)

As I mentioned in class I like this one because this exact thing happened to me last year. After my line sister's birthday weekend I went to take a test still drunk from the night before, not hung over, completely drunk. I had so much fun that weekend and I had been working so hard I deserved the fun I had and did not care about the test I had to take the next day, I work hard, so I can player harder. Dub

nervous hands and
eyes shaking
he pushes her to drink again

group project
I smile
Psycho plays in my head

Amanda Donohoe (6)

I watched
the line skipping
through the fast waters

Kate Gebultowicz

I can imagine fly fishing when I read this. The line skipping as you pull your fishing rod back and snap it forward. It takes me back to fishing with my grandpa and just hearing all his stories. I haven't fished with him for a while now and I really miss those times. Nick K.

last minute
racing the clock
printer is out of ink

Kyle Kite (6)

I could just feel my stress building as I read this haiku. This exact scenario happened to me last week ironically. I needed to print something out on the way to class and the printer in Scovill was out of ink. This type of thing causes me to stress and gets my heart racing. I really dislike the feeling. On top of that, the haiku makes the reader think “of course this would happen to me now.” Nick R.

scary movie on
rain hits the window

Kyle McMahon (4)

a dad's shoulder
tear soaked
out of tissue

Chase Smith (5)

I really related to this poem because I am definitely a daddy's girl. Every time I have a hard decision to make or am upset about something he is the first one I go to. Luckily, I still live at home and am able to come home to him almost every night. He always knows what to say to make me fell better or get me encourage to keep going. He has had his fair share of tear soaked t-shirts and I don't think that they will stop any time soon. Caitlyn

I'm a huge Daddy's girl and I can cry on his shoulder until the tissue is gone. At this point in my life if I had to talk about something that causes this much emotion that I cry, I'm going to go talk to dad about it. I don't want my mom to have to deal with anymore than she needs to and I trust my dad's advice on whatever my problem may be. Dub

scrounging for food
in the apartment
toaster strudel for dinner?

smoke billows
out of the car
bloodshot eyes

Jordan Oelze (7)

This haiku made me think of my spring break trip sophomore year. My friend and I drove straight through from Decatur to West Palm Beach, Florida, which took twenty hours. The roads are pretty empty at three in the morning in Georgia so we were just hauling down the interstate. The bloodshot eyes reminds me of when we stopped and I took my first 5-hour energy, which ironically didn't really work. Nick R.

hermit crab
once, one of two
now lonely

Jacob Melssen (3)

i've been accepting
rides from voices who put me
in the passenger seat

Emily Chudzik (12)

I didn't give him my number
I wonder if
I missed my chance

twinkling lights
on the evergreen
my brother is in awe

Emily Chudzik (4)

young Love
so sweet and pure
a baby cries in the distance

too poor
for McDonald's
dollar menu

peach shampoo
in her cherry red hair
bubblegum lips

Samuel Miller (5)

This haiku made me feel fruity and bubbly. I imagined a pretty redheaded girl washing her hair in the shower. Lots of soapy suds in her long flowy hair. I imagined after she gets out of the shower, the steamy room and mirror. She wipes it away as she puts on a bubblegum lip gloss and lotion and perfume. I can smell the fruity shampoo from her hair, and I can see the glisten on her lips and she puckers. The colorful fruity words really bring a nice image to my head and to my nose. Jordan

grad school applications
need more
. . . coffee

Paige Dorsel (3)

This haiku is comical to me. The … builds up the suspense and you are expecting it to say more schools or more hours but no coffee. I find it funny and relatable I am going to start applying to Grad school at the end of this semester. I'm already finding it stressful to see which schools I want to apply to let alone actually filling out the applications. I know when that time comes im going to need a lot more . . . coffee. Chase

three streets over
his door waits

Paige Dorsel

something stronger
to forget her touch
another shot of tequila

Samuel Miller (7)

shopping together
grins on their faces
pink or blue?

Nick Retherford

I really like this one a lot because it's very hopeful! It's simple at the beginning because it could be any two people who are shopping together and enjoying their time with one another. When I reached the final line, though, I realized that the poem was talking about shopping for baby clothes. At least, that's what I gathered from it. This changed the whole meaning behind the haiku because it goes from just two people shopping together to an expecting couple. They are excited and hopeful about their oncoming baby and are wondering whether it's a boy or girl! Jake

I really like this haiku because there is so much excitement felt reading this. Both of my brothers just had girls and I can remember the moment they told our family that their wives were pregnant. The pink or blue part at the end is my favorite part of the haiku. Everyone's first question they ask is it a boy or girl. The pink represents the girl and the blue represents the boy. I also like grin in this haiku the author could have just used smile but didn't. I can picture a happy couple shopping for their newborn. Chase

at a restaurant
she looks familiar

beautiful woman
walks into church
gliding in her pumps

Jacob Melssen (3)

chipped paint
in the corner
the door slapping closed

through the maze
around the corner
finish line

under blankets
one more episode

tapping toes
linoleum floors
just grocery shopping

Andrea Burns

I really related to this haiku. I've been a tapper since I was about 4. My very first dance teacher told me I should practice dancing everywhere, so I took that literally. I'd dance when I went to my grandparents house, when I went to school, and even when I was in the grocery store. You could always find me in an aisle practicing my rolling shuffles. Amanda

icy windows
my hand reahcing
for one more candy cane

deep breaths
hands on knees
I hate the Shilling stairs

Kyle Kite (3)

dark sidewalk
oncoming traffic
one headlight slightly dimmed

Nicholas Kemp

I feel like this is a very dark haiku, possibly about death? I feel like there is someone walking across the street and the oncoming car doesn't see the man because one of his headlights isn't working. Or it could just be about the observations of the nighttime. Amanda

that crooked smile
with a black eye
shines the brightest

Kyle McMahon (3)

The biggest reason that I liked this haiku was that it reminded me of some of the characters I've created to use in my fiction. Characters who love to fight and have that mad gleam in their eye and that big grin on their face, no matter who won the fight they're just relishing the adrenaline coursing through their veins right now. On top of that this image is just so interesting because a black eye, though it gets referred to as a “shiner” in some circles, is never something beautiful or bright, but this poem turns that image around and makes it just that. I like the idea of taking something painful and making it beautiful, to an extent. Sam

the moon light
guides us
reliving last night

Kate Gebultowicz

sometimes school life is rough
today wasn't so bad
because I saw a dog

Olivia Gonzalez (4)

happier without you
in the desk drawer

Nicholas Kemp (6)

The structure of this haiku flows very well with the words and the content. The haiku itself reminds me of a person that is in debate with their feelings and mind. They want to let go of their past lover but they can't seem to because they still have those pictures. It's constant back and forth motion that makes the structure perfect for the content. It's very relatable because I have had these debates with myself and I still hold on to pictures for the memories. As if I were to forget the good times. Kate

I liked this haiku because it showed real tension or thought into a relationship. It is also relatable because sometimes people who have been in a relationship want to still linger onto a relationship that they thought in the moment was great but in the end did not work out. It always happens when we want the memories or things to never end or be with us and that is why we crave such things. I like this haiku because it is relatable not only to myself but most people in general. I think that most people want to be in a society where human affirmation is the number priority for us. Or in this case we need love or someone to love us back, and when we love someone else it is hard to let things go. Olivia

This was a very relatable haiku to me. It starts out by saying happier without you which gives you a certain kind of feeling. The feeling can either be that you know what it is like to feel happier without someone, or you're simply trying to be happier without someone. The second line simply states “photos”. To me, I imagine seeing photos of my ex-boyfriend and thinking that I'm better off without him. Personally, I have a little doubt when I say that I'm better off without him. I think it's unclear whether or not the author feels that same way. The third line mentions that the photos are in the desk drawer, which means that they are out of sight. However, the photos weren't thrown away. So, I'm not sure. I imagine a face that's almost forcing a smile and a pile of photos in the desk drawer that they are closing. Paige

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