Haiku Attempts 3 names

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017

I call my landlord
the furnace
still broken

glimmer of a ring
right finger
left hand

sliding my cold feet
under the covers
to feel his warmth

valentine's card
pink heart on the front
thanks mom

May 7th
the day that WAS
my anniversary

plane ticket sent
young lovers anticipate a visit
he holds her close—heartbeats

sleeping without you
I reach and find
cold sheets

dial the number
waiting at my door for him
pizza delivery man

heavy snowfall
his fingers
graze mine

wrapped in a blanket
breaking the fever
I didn't know I had

February 14th
I can always expect a card
from my mom

eating spaghetti
we realize we're not as cute
as Lady and the Tramp

we cross paths on campus
almost every day
always exchanging smiles

triple decker ice cream sundae's
with a smile, we both realize
we don't like cherries

alone in the house
dehydrated flowers
beer run

pointed toes
tutus out
curtains roll back

eyes meet
turning heads
in the produce aisle

broken heart
snow falling
no love to be found

unable to keep still
my thoughts
pace around the room

simple day
cuddle my dog
eat ice cream

eight hours
flying over the blue
cool ocean

Valentine's Day
hope this guy stops
talking about his dead cat

skipping rocks
off the deck
fishing rods

I'll love you forever
he wrote . . .
on the card in the trash

your hand on my waist
we watch the sunrise

he spoke well
dressed proper
fresh out of jail

fuel light appears
harder on the pedal
will I make it?

soft rumbling
i hope no one hears . . .
my hungry stomach in class

the creak and squeak
as I pedal
grandma's old bike

no capitals or punctuation
will he understand?
boys are stupid

F sharp chord—
green and yellow permeate
my mind

Valentine's day
grandpa makes a reservation
for one

the chilling wind
brushes against
. . . my black heart

first snowfall
our kids dress the snowman
in your clothes

coffee brews—
you tell me you
need more time

the neighborhood cat
paws at the door
cold and hungry

sunlight peeks through
a broken window
he chugs a beer

aching feet
sweat dripping from my brow
run the dance again

creaky floor board
new home

reflective sunglasses
protect me
questions about my tears



whirling wind
bites my cheeks
cigarette smoke

a dove perched
on a branch
no mate

rearranging furniture
to cover up the stain
it's not working

make for
conversation starters

we are stuck
like candy
in a vending machine

her hand trembles
one last time
knock knock

straight white teeth
long blonde hair
an alcoholic

cover the floor
pi beta phi

flowers in the field
I pick one to save for

a full moon
will kiss me tonight?

vodka lips
popped balloons
cover the floor

views of the city
missing home
picture frame is tilted

fingers intertwined
you beg me
to come along

flirtatious chatter
on the late night train
. . . girlfriend?

Valentine's Day
come and gone
another year single as heck

lone sock
on the laundry room floor

Grandma's garden
a hummingbird
flies backwards

cigarette smoke
masked with perfume
her mother smiles

bright sunlight
streaming through
the slit in my curtain

light whispers
in darkness
the house creaks

twelve am
well past my bedtime
I sip coffee

in a tall vase
not quite wilted yet

he traces my back
with the softest touch
I pretend to sleep

reaching in the closet
a pair of jeans
worn on the bottom

their love
a blanket fort
a movie marathon

close the door
wipe off the makeup

he returns the call
draped over
the couch

morning cough
mother's cure
a cup of tea

I left your computer
on your bed
next to her name

gravel backs
under the stars
I felt the moon

the tapping on the window
soon becomes . . .
the pianist's tempo

figure eights
on her thigh
an exhale

cracks in the wall
by a Gorillaz poster

a wedding proposal
cherry flavored
Ring Pop

frowning in the mirror
I've fixed this tie
a million times

same coffee
every day
just to say hi to him

almost home
the smell of pizza
as I pass Domino's

tail wagging
bouncing from pile to pile
his first snow

red dresses
nude heels
don't forget your pearls

flowers bought
chocolates in the box
where is my valentine?

your eyes
my mind

your French press coffee
always leaves grounds
in my cup

opening the car door
to let her out
should we kiss?

Sunday brunch
Burger King
and chocolate shakes

one step at a time
over the lumpy stones
gushing river water



dirty clothes
hair that smells like oil
a hard working mama

pawing at me
with a cold nose
and running through the yard

pins smack
strikes and spares
my mother laughs back at me

snow gently falls
as I blankly stare
a million miles away

meant to be
doomed from the start
mochi ice cream

sitting on the bench
I lean forward . . .
to no one

black top hat
orange carrot nose

weather advisory
absolute zero
a term learned in chemistry

firetruck lights
bounce though the darkness
ears covered

silky night slippers
they kept my mom
in the house

civil rights
black and white keys
a piano

Latin music
moving hips

morning dizziness
a woodpecker's click
brightens the day

the boy leaning over
looking lost
over his casket

boiling heat on my forehead
mid afternoon run
only a mile and a half

shopping for myself
unattended children
Ebenezer Scrooge

into the winter
the rabbit still
finds a carrot

the cozy bed
calls him in
the train blares

staring at the cursor
my mind drifts
back to her

matching shirts
fake smiles
not really friends

jewelry box
open spot
pearls can't fill

on the stereo
you lean in to kiss me

with a box of noodles
and a pan of red sauce
dinner is served

hardwood floor
fingers softly trace
my beauty marks

i push your hand
off the steering wheel
i know how to drive

with a spasm
my friend Charlie
visits my leg

no matter the amount of creamer
it will never make my mornings as sweet
as you

walking to class
just glad
i got out of bed

driving to her house
dead end
still don't know where I'm going

snow covered in dirt
sitting alone
in the parking lot

as the sun sets
it only takes the day
out of day dream

tilted street sign
   angry officer
      straight enough

helping mom
with Sunday dinner
crushed crackers

lilac bushes
bare feet
Grandma's cooking

i miss
the way our hands fit
in each other's

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.