Haiku Attempts 4 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017


he pulls her close
the night falls
the last dance

Yunek Moore (5)

his hand
reaches out
shall we?

we stand
in a line
ballet recital

faded bruises
on her feet
dancing through the pain

soft pointe shoes
this is their
final dance

Andrea Burns

twirling dress
lifting to
the sky

Chase Smith (6)

pointed feet
lands softly

back in his arms
too late
for the ugly duckling

budding peony
barely open, just right
for the baby's grave

sorry I did this to you
I hope to see you again
meet me in heaven

her eyes widen
she pulls back her shoulders
looking in the mirror

it was too
soon to go
rain hits the ground

concrete slab
my father's name
in the ground

Kala Keller (4)

a fin peaks
out of the water
a low cello

Jordan Oelze (3)

I really like the image I get when reading this haiku. I picture watching fish in a pond and watching them just barely touch the surface of the water to gather food. I use the low cello as a more feeling you have when you watch them in the water. Nicholas K

morning coffee
a scream is heard
from the basement

Jordan Oelze

Similarly to the previous haiku, this haiku takes a drastic turn, but happens to immediately. The setting of the haiku is very common and generic, as the person is just enjoying his or her morning coffee. But, the setting drastically changes to a scary one when a scream is heard. I can't imagine that feeling or being in complete silence in one's own home and then hearing a terrifying scream from inside the house. The drastic change opens up many doors, and the reader can imagine many different scenarios. Brittany

the groundskeeper
turns his cheek
to the light behind him

midday drive
to visit my friends
the cemetery

Kala Keller (5)

This haiku is extremely eerie and spooky. At first, the reader may think that the haiku is innocent and the author is taking a simple drive to see his or her friends. But, the third line takes the haiku in a completely different direction and drastically alters the tone of the haiku. I appreciate this haiku because the change is so drastic and gives a completely new meaning to the entire creation. I imagine the speaker visiting the cemetery and visiting his or her friends by sitting by their gravestones. Or, this haiku could mean that the friends are actually ghosts who the narrator has become friends with. With either interpretation, it's a really creative haiku and I love everything about it. Brittany

8th grade dance
high school prom
the flowers he never gave

bell in the coffin
rings faintly
no one listening

Randy Brooks (8)

After reading this haiku I just felt locked up inside my own body. It's as if I was stuck and I couldn't get out myself. I felt the anxiety of being buried alive and the fear that one day that could happen to me or any of my loved ones. The feeling of this haiku hit the creepy horror scene. It gave me a detailed image and a burst of undesirable feelings. The feelings that associate with it normally people don't like to have and that makes this haiku unique. It hits the feelings that no one wants to feel or think about. It's not about losing a lover or a break up it's about a situation that leads to death. It doesn't fit any many of the trends I see that many people write about. Kate

old theater
the seat lowers
but sits empty

Caitlyn Latshaw (6)

This one stood out to me because it was very spooky. I like that the seat is probably old and could fall down by itself because the springs are old or broken OR the seat could be going down because a ghost is sitting there! being active in theatre, I often hear spooky stories about haunted theaters or auditoriums, and this poem was very reminiscent of those. Jake

children laughing and playing
downstairs past midnight
but I live alone

Yunek Moore (6)

the floorboards
a heart's final beat

Emily Chudzik (6)

I really like this one because of the nod to Edgar Allan Poe. I would say he was my favorite author I learned about in school. Obviously a heart can't just beat under the floor, which implies the craziness of the individual who committed the crime. It shows how it haunts him and how he feels guilty. I really enjoy that reference. Nick R.

i ask her
to stop screaming at me
when i visit her grave

Caitlyn Latshaw

This haiku is both frightening and interesting to me. It reminds me of a horror movie scene where someone is at a grave, and a scary ghost or dead person is screaming and haunting whoever is there. There's this story at the Greenwood Cemetery in Decatur of a bride who runs around screaming and crying during the night. It very much reminded me of her. I also imagined someone visiting a dead loved one at their grave, and them just having loads of emotions and memories come flooding back. So maybe the person isn't actually screaming but that the images are all coming into their brain and it's all too much. Jordan

bright sunny day
clouded with puffs of white
this final exam

cloudy day
light bounces
off a yellow flower

wisps of blue
over the fog
a sparrow's good morning

Randy Brooks (5)

feather white clouds
my thoughts
drift back to you

Emily Chudzik (4)

I really like this haiku. I think that feather is such a good word choice. I also love the choice of the word drift, because our thoughts drift, but so do feathers. Feathers are so delicate and wispy, just like our thoughts. They can be altered and affected so easily. They head in different directions and merely weigh nothing. I also just love the image of sitting and looking at the clouds, watching the day pass. Letting your thoughts drift, and of course they drift to that one person. At least that's what it's always like for me. Jordan

I like this one because it had a good sense of expression. The first line was more playful and immature then the next two lines hit the deep spot. The second brought the meaning of endless thoughts drifting back to someone who you would think about all the time. Personally, I think about my dog a lot because I miss him too much, and just wanting his ever longing love makes me think of him. But I do actually miss a human on a day to day basis, and that is my best friend. We never see each other during the day and we only see each other at night and I always miss her everyday. This poem made me think of my best friend because in class I'm always thinking of her and wondering how she did on her nursing test or how much fun she had at clinical. This haiku brought more meaning to me than it looks. Olivia

the letter she wrote
three times
a love stamp

echoes of stars
on the lake
a future comes true

Randy Brooks (4)

in our first home
we danced
on the bare floors

Olivia Gonzalez

I love this poem because of the awesome image that I can picture in my head. I see a huge living room with dark wooden floors. The floor is empty because no furniture has been put in the room yet. The room is so big when it is empty and the couple is so excited about their new house that they do not care what is in the house or living room. They are just glad to be together and to have a new house that they can call their own. I, personally, cannot wait for that day that I can move into a house with my husband. Caitlyn

I liked the sweetness and intimacy of this haiku. There is a lot of newness and joy in it. I can picture a newlywed couple excited about their first night in their first home. They don't have many possessions and haven't fully moved in yet, but the place is theirs. They're a playful couple, so they decide to christen the new home by dancing around in the nearly empty living room. Emily

I liked this haiku because it broadcasted a feeling of openness and playfulness. The image of "our first home" speaks measures. In defining the "our," one could cover all options!—lovers, families, roommates, even sorority sisters. The image of dancing brings movement and life into the poem, and the added "bare floors" detail solidifies it. I can truly image romping around barefoot on hardwood floors, in an empty room, with no things surrounding me. Possibly the homeowners have not unpacked yet, or they do not have enough things to fill the room. The floor is bare, but the people dance on. I really appreciated the cast of hope and excitement throughout, and could immediately create the picture in my head. Kala

retention pond
ducks sunbathe
in the midday sun

new tree house
brothers on a mission
to raid Dad's ice chest

of cauliflower heads
her jean hips

Randy Brooks

I loved this haiku. I'm hoping that I interpreted it correctly, but I felt immediate 70s vibes from it. Apocalypse?! The first line describes the literal end of the world, and a new era of sorts, which incites danger and excitement. The first line, coupled with "of cauliflower heads," really put the image into my brain. . . I imagined the millennial youth of 70s, bonded together in a rough huddle, crowned heads in flowers and clad bodies in genuine hope. But the last line was the true kicker—"her jean hips." I really liked that the adjective for her hips was something that does not typically describe hips (like wide, soft, smooth, etc). I felt sunshine and love in the air, but it is still a little off-white, you know? Kala

hot, bright day
we cruise the country
next to each other

warm February
we play jump rope
at Millikin's arrival court

2017 protest—
police dog and fire horse
we still march for equal rights

every morning spent
making my bed
who am I trying to impress?

Jacob Melssen (4)

chilly stroll home
he doesn't say much
soft kisses

Andrea Burns (3)

the scent of coffee
pulled her down the stairs
to him

Amanda Donohoe (4)

I liked this poem because I could put myself in that situation. With the scent of coffee, I could smell the strong sent of coffee that I like to start every morning with. I like how this poem ended with him. For me relating the scent of coffee in the morning to "him" is something that resonates well with me. Coffee is something that I am excited to start everyday with, something that make the morning run more smoothly and makes me want to get out and going for the day. Relating that coffee to "him" I like, because I fell all those same things about waking up and smelling coffee as I do waking up next to "him." Caitlyn

book bag is packed
and clothes are picked out
her water just broke

Yunek Moore




cold beers and broken windows
my girlfriend's
funeral in a week

flippy cup tournament
can't be lady-like
if you want to win

Andrea Burns (11)

check the mirror
to make sure
the tears aren't noticeable

winds in her hair
the car roof down
her 3rd stolen car

Yunek Moore

The twist in this haiku is what makes it really interesting. This could have been a normal pleasant haiku about someone taking a drive but the third line adds another layer to it. There's a thrill associated with doing something you know you're not supposed to, and while I'm not condoning grand theft auto I am admitting that sometimes it feels good to break the rules. This haiku embodies that notion. Sam

immersed underwater
blurry light
shines through

going on forever
but never meeting . . .
parallel lines

the mail arrives
opened letter
slammed door

church bells ring
grandma no longer
in her seat

Kate Gebultowicz (3)

lingering on my lips
the feeling of
your name

Emily Chudzik (8)

I think I was so drawn to this particular haiku because of the word “feeling” because this is about an experience almost. The experience of having that person nearby and speaking to them or about them. Such an intense experience, obviously, if the feeling of their name is so impactful. And it's also not about touch, it's about their name. I just appreciated how this experience was obviously so special. Andie

ironing out the creases
once more
for good measure

sharing the blanket
she gave you
for Christmas

removing the glasses
she settles for the evening
reading her novel

Amanda Donohoe (5)

in my closet
your high school sweatshirt

Emily Chudzik (4)

I am such a sucker for any article of clothing that has meaning. I pictured this as someone keeping their old high school special friend's sweatshirt because they broke up, but the person just didn't give back this one item of clothing. Items of clothing carry so many memories that have so much value in our lives. Often the items we have “stolen” or kept are from significant others so when we wear them, we smell that person and think about that them whether that's a good thing or not. Andie

my phone dings
i hope
he says yes

sitting on the roof
the ants

under the sheets
on mom and dad's bed
the secret fort

Caitlyn Latshaw (2)

broken old dock
the only place . . .
I find peace

Caitlyn Latshaw (5)

I like the way it uses a broken dock. You picture a broken dock and normally you wouldn't find it calming at all, but then it continues and it is the only place they find peace. So you look at the haiku in a totally different way now. Nicholas K

quiet morning
i make your bed
after you leave

Emily Chudzik (6)

lonely wooden cabin
the silence
of the dark

Chase Smith (3)

crushing waves
smack into
the sand castle

orange fish, blue fish, new fish
she does not look the same in person

Yunek Moore (14)

This haiku was my double vote for kukai 4. I like how funny this haiku is. It starts out with the Dr. Seuss then immediately changes to catfish something that is so relevant in today's generations. I also like the flow of the haiku. This makes the haiku fun to say. This also make me imagine the new show catfish on MTV. Chase

I liked this one a lot because it's super relevant in today's day modern technological society. Everyone seems to have hundreds of social media platforms, but the way we act and behave online is often different than who we are in real life. It's so easy for someone to save a few pictures from anywhere on the internet and slap them onto a fake Facebook profile, and it can be dangerous too sometimes. Jake

I thought this was hilarious and it was quite witty. I liked the first line was an expected Dr. Suess poem and I thought it was going to fall along those lines. I like how it flowed smoothly even though the first and second lines were totally different topics. Also I'm in Pi Beta Phi so our philanthropy promotes Literacy and we read Dr. Suess books at events we have during the year! The first page of the book is the first line from his haiku. It brought back those funny memories of people trying to read as fast as they can the Dr. Suess book of One Fish Two Fish... Olivia

I thought this was a very funny haiku. It starts out by using a Dr. Seuss reference, which I really appreciate as literacy is my sororities philanthropy and I'm always on the lookout for different Dr. Seuss quotes. I think it's also funny because it brings in the idea of a relationship forming and the idea of fish in the sea. But it's quite comical because it ends up talking about The idea of catfish, a new term used for someone who thinks their identity on the internet. Paige

driving the old truck
her great grandfather bought
brand new

sweat dripping from her face
out of breath but,
the dress fits

cute, cheap, high heels
the best, date, ever,
coming home, she falls up the steps

this team is good
85 mph slider
no chance

lying in the grass
watching clouds
daisies in her hair

Caitlyn Latshaw (3)

With this haiku I imagine a girl in a white cotton dress staring into the sky. She is in the park with her friends. She sneaks away for a few moments to watch the clouds go by. As the clouds go by, her friends come and lay around her. They giggle making up images in the clouds to pass the time. Amanda

I really like this haiku because it gave me a very clear image in my mind. I felt like you could really see the colors of the green grass and looking up at the bright blue sky. I really feel nostalgic when reading about watching the clouds. I always used to do this as a child. I think this may be about a couple falling in love, especially with the last line being "daisies in her hair". I often see daisies used as a symbol of love. I like how it tells a story without really saying it. Paige

coffee date
staring at the
mole above your lip

Emily Chudzik (6)

country music
girls with blankets
on the quad

sip of whiskey
he thinks
as it burns

the first time i kissed
your scars

Emily Chudzik (8)

In class this was my double vote. I love this haiku, it reminds me of my past and my current relationship. I look at scars as stories and testimonies on what could have taken you out but didn't. Regardless if the scar is life threating or not, having a scar means you felt excruciating pain, but survived it and no matter what, you're always going to have that reminder that you're strong and what could have taken you, didn't. I love scars for this reason, I also look at them as intimate especially on someone I love. Some people find scars so unattractive I think it builds character.  Over the winter of 2016, my boyfriend got stabbed in his chest and had to get stitches. He lost a lot of blood and it was right above his heart. During his healing process he was in a lot of pain and could not get comfortable, the only thing that would make him feel better was sleep and me. After the stitches were taken out there was still a weird feeling he could not describe but he now likes for me to rub and kiss his scar. I could have lost my boyfriend but I didn't. It was in the winter when I first kissed his scars. Dub

cut in half
she hands me a piece
cosmic brownies

Jordan Oelze (6)

park bench
you look so

sweaty handshakes
the end of
a good game

I fake a smile
on the campus tour
stupid questions do exist

Jacob Melssen (6)

This haiku I can relate to so well. I recruited a lot of kids for football. That included lunch recruiting, tours, player panels, and overnights. Some of the stuff that was asked was very important and I totally get why they would want to know. Other stuff, I was like ‘really?' The funny thing is, the parents asked more stupid questions than the players. Nick R.

Blue Spoon
we share a table
with strangers

record spinning
your hands
through my hair

Jordan Oelze

I'm not sure what it is about this haiku that I love so much. It's a pretty simple haiku compared to some others. The images are a little vague but at the same time it creates such an interesting scene. I see two people dancing together, closely, while a vintage record player spins in the background. It's a beautiful and small moment that can say a lot about two people. I think that's why I like it, it doesn't try to get so specific but it also doesn't try to address a broad subject. Sam

my lips glide
on the top
of my lip gloss

congressional jurisdiction
over all middle class moms
P    T    A

our eyes connect
the rollercoaster
hits its peak

steam spiraling
from her cup
lipstick stains

empty fridge
midnight cravings
yo quiero Taco Bell

Kyle McMahon (10)

An empty fridge leads to cravings because you're so hungry. With nothing in your fridge, you have no other option but to go somewhere. My thought process turns to where I should go to eat. Normally I think about going to Kroger if my fridge is empty but this haiku just threw a funny line at the audience. I thought it was funny and relatable because I have gone to Taco Bell when I was super hungry. I just thought this haiku was relatable and it just made me laugh. There aren't a lot of haiku that I have read that make me laugh so when I find one that makes me chuckle I find it to be my favorite. Kate

planning my life
in colored pens

Kala Keller (9)

She sips her coffee and looks at her watch; 11:30. Sighing, she takes out her planner and computer. She pulls up her work schedule, rehearsal schedule, sorority schedule, and school schedule. Opening up the planner, she marks each day carefully with a different colored pen. After a half hour of this she steps away from the planner and smiles, content with her now organized life. Amanda

I remember warm nights
wrapped in each other's arms

moonlit road
they cruise
with the booze

I enter the bathroom
the other men stare
at my round chest

my favorite pajamas
Mother's quilt around my waist
the Grinch on TV

Kyle Kite (4)

midnight conversation
he listens to her
half asleep

Nicholas Kemp (12)

This was my double vote. I think each line is so descriptive and helps to tell the overall story. I see two people lying in bed, talking to each other in the moments before sleep. They could be discussing anything, but these conversations can be pretty intimate and revealing. The nighttime and the darkness gives people confidence. The man is doing his best to listen to the woman, but it's getting hard, because sleep is beginning to overtake him. Emily

I like it because it reminds me of innocent, childlike love. I also believe we really become ourselves at night, that's when the world is slow but our minds are fast, racing with the thoughts of our present, past and future. Having someone to be there and listen to is all people need, even if their half way sleep, not hanging up the phone is all I need. And sleep is a precious thing, especially at our age, if you are willing to stay up with me and lose your sleep, when clearly you are sleepy, I mean a lot to you, that's love. Dub

wind knocks the bird nest      into the street

for years she held this secret in
her locked car
she calls mom

Yunek Moore (5)

my roommates
their dirty dishes
several days later

honor student and volunteer
police did not care
she's another hashtag

Yunek Moore (5)

tall mountains
feet aching
her hair glows

twisted branches
falling leaves
there he stands

Paige Dorsel

walking down the hallway
“Three Little Birds”

I miss the days
when we both were not
so grown up

running laps
around the pond
goose poop

Nicholas Kemp (3)


impatiently I wait
for your name
to pop up

Nick Retherford

This haiku was also another one of my favorites from kukai 4. This haiku immediately brought me back to middle school when you sent a text to a girl saying you like her and it would feel like it is taking them forever to response. Even today people send risky text and are impatiently waiting for a response. This haiku also gives me anxiety about what the text could be about. Chase

abandoned bumper cars
barbed wire
the newest haunting

seven new planets
around a giant star
second chances

soda shop
red stools
banana split

at the table
he orders today's special
for one

first dinner in the new house
smoke detector won't stop

Yunek Moore (4)

every morning the man I love
sends a good morning message
my dad.

time is ticking
what is he drawing . . .

warm February
bike chain is

Kyle McMahon (4)

banana split
she leaves the strawberry

first date
he orders us
a banana split

sleepover night
friend's parents fighting
better banana split

brain freeze
between two bananas

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