Haiku Kukai 5 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017

the neighbor's cat
soon to be
my cat

i dress myself
in your clothes

Emily Chudzik (7)

Haiku like this become very personal for me. It doesn't happen often, because I try not to think about my life all that much, but sometimes there are things that just hit me hard and I can't get away from them. This is one of them and it isn't even completely accurate. I just . . . I used to love this girl. I still love her, but she isn't around anymore and there's some bad blood between us that I don't think I can ever fix. When she was here though, I would spend the night with her and I never bothered to bring my own pajamas so I always ended up wearing a pair of her shorts. It was always a specific pair too, these older plaid shorts that were kind of scratchy but not like, uncomfortably so. They were hers but they were mine and her clothes smelled like her and even before there was anything between us I knew that if I actually borrowed a piece of clothing from her, she would never get it back. I would keep that part of her around as long as physically possible, and there are days when I would give anything for that kind of memory. Sam

big truck

winter night
the empty blanket
smells of him

Yunek Moore (5)

I really liked this haiku because it not only put a picture in my head but a smell too. Through the winter my boyfriend is away at school and so sometimes when I miss him I smell one of his shirts that he has left or a blanket that he last used. It sounds weird but to me that smell of him brings me comfort. With this poem I just pictured a girl on a cold night that grabs a blanket from the closet or floor and drapes it over her. She then smells a subtle scent of "him" and she feels that comfort that I think about. Caitlyn

frisbee on the field
missing every throw
not at my heart

Paige Dorsel (4)

he winks at her
she texts
someone else

Andrea Burns (5)

This one made me smile because the girl has all the power. She could be texting her boyfriend as a stranger walks by and tries to flirt with her. Good for you, girl! ignore his cheap attempts at gaining your attention. Or she could be on a date with this boy and texting a different boy at the same time. This isn't as trustworthy but still, good for her for knowing what she wants out of life. jake

sweating my ass off
to do nothing
on a beach

Nick Retherford (8)

I really liked the feeling that this haiku gave me. I am going to the beach next week for spring break like many others and it just made me have a whole new look on going. I used to worry about not having that swimsuit body that everyone wants to have but when I read this poem it put it into perspective. I imagine lying on the beach with a drink in my hand and not worrying about anything and just relaxing. This is what I am looking forward to with this next week. This haiku came around just in time to get me more excited about going to the beach. Caitlyn

playing footsie
she wonders
if he knows

Paige Dorsel (4)

This haiku gave me 2 different feelings. One feeling I got was that this was cute and seemed to be young love as one person flirts with the other in a harmless way. The other feeling I got was that someone in the relationship is hiding something such as cheating on them and they are playing footsie to hide the fact that they are cheating on them hoping that they will never find out. Kyle M


late night studying
my roommate decides
to sing in the shower

Jacob Melssen (6)

I like this haiku because it seemed passive aggressive but I totally understand because this also happens to me, especially living in a sorority house where girls are everywhere and studying doesn't really happen at the house. I like my sisters but sometimes roommates could sing as loud as they want, and I do not mind if they are good singers, it's just I need to study for this history exam. But it works out because Scovill is my study space. Olivia

wolf whistle
snapping around
her eyes scarier than Medusa

Amanda Donohoe (4)

she loves her children
like she wished her parents
loved her

Samuel Miller (9)

I really like this haiku because it is relatable to me. I don't have children of my own, but I hope to one day. My mom and sister raised me. I would like to marry someone who can raise my kids with me, which I think will help my children feel more loved and appreciated. I think my parents love me, but I don't think my dad ever shows his love as he should and as I hope my husband would. Paige

This was one of my favorite haiku from kukai on Tuesday. There was an innate sadness in it. Although I can't relate to it personally, I can put myself in the narrator's shoes and sympathize with her. This reminds me of how people say they want to provide their children with a better life than their parents did for them. In this case, the narrator wants to make sure her children got what she never had and wished she had. Emily

threads pulling
her favorite sweater
stained again

Paige Dorsel (5)

are we getting ice cream?
is that even a question?
let's go

Caitlyn Latshaw

This haiku reminds me of my friend, Lexy, and I. We love ice cream, and even go on ice cream dates when its snowing out! This makes me think of all those moments when you just spontaneously decide to go get food with friends. I also think ice cream makes everyone happy so it makes me smile. Paige

scary storm
i guess
i'll sleep on the futon

the sidewalk ends
rock falls from her hand

Paige Dorsel

I picked this haiku as one of my favorites from kukai 5. First I like the way the haiku is written, the lines gradually get longer. I like the mystery of this haiku as well. It's hard to know what is at the end of the side walk. Why did it end? What made her drop the rock she was holding? You can form many different questions from this haiku. This is what haiku is about allowing the reader to feel in the rest of the story. I really like how this haiku allows for that. Chase

late night
we sneak to the train tracks
no one will see

Chase Smith (7)

I like this haiku because of the sneakiness of it. It also takes me back to when my friends and I would sneak to the railroad tracks our freshman year. I can see the brush and debris that surround the tracks. I can also hear the distant train, all the cars on the road and the crunching of the rocks underneath our feet. I can smell the air that rushes through the corridor surrounding the tracks and the soy. I just think this haiku brings back great memories. Kyle K

miles from the other side,
        the bridge
               she happily burned

Yunek Moore (9)

This is a very powerful haiku and seems to have a lot of meaning from the author behind it. Someone is obviously very far from something in their life whether it is an achievement they want or a relationship they are seeking for but the only problems is the distance between that goal and someone is just ruining it for you, burning that bridge, that access to it.This is an emotional haiku and a lot of thought was brought into this one. Kyle M

patiently waiting
at the back door
to go potty

Caitlyn Latshaw (2)

premature flowers
the cold of February

Nicholas Kemp (2)

lying on the
mapping out our future

Emily Chudzik (12)

This haiku describes a very important part of my childhood. Growing up, all of my friends had trampolines and after a significant amount of convincing, my parents bought me one for Christmas one year. So much time was spent on these trampolines. We would jump all day and go crazy, playing different games and attempting different tricks. But, at night, we'd just lay there and look up at the stars. We would talk about crushes and funny memories. Those were the times when we were at peace with the world. There is such an innocence about this piece that I really appreciate. Brittany

This haiku drew me in because of it has a loose sense of childhood and a keen sense of growing up. I could imagine myself lying on a trampoline with a good friend, sister, or crush and talking about The Future. Often times as a child, I would bring up my big dreams just so I could live through the hope in them for a night, you know? Also, the trampoline adds a subtle movement to the haiku; I imagined undulating in a wave of black net below me. I noticed that the word choice is "our future" instead of "our futures," so that made me feel protected and connected to the person I was lying with in my head. Kala

the family walks
through the rain
but still no dog

Chase Smith (2)

It's actually my cat that runs out as fast as lighting when you open the door. When she is outside she goes into panic mode causing everyone to seem like demons. Sometimes weather it was in the dark or the snow we sometimes thought we had lost her. That is the worst feeling in the world to not be able to find an animal in the cold weather. You want to keep looking, but you've been looking for hours and hours. Nicholas K.


the only word
that makes me cringe

Emily Chudzik (5)

dirty old house
still find a way
to have fun

scarlet hair
matches the color
of her nosebleed

Nicholas Kemp (7)

This haiku is very appealing to me because the imagery is strong. The image of a woman with red hair is very profound, and the women that I know with red hair are very strong an intense individuals. I like how it begins with the image because it sets the tone for the rest of the haiku. And, the idea that her hair color matches her nosebleed also gives a profound image. It is the responsibility of the reader at this point to create a background story for her. I could assume that she has a nosebleed from a domestic violence situation, but would rather not assume that. This individual represents a more superhero like figure for me and I like the idea of having a badass woman be the topic of a haiku. Brittany

I freaking love this haiku. It's so cool and it reminds me of my character Cassandra whom I've written about before for this class. She is the kind of person who would walk down the street with blood on her face and still look like a sex bomb. She takes no shit and never forgets when someone does her wrong, but at the same time she can change your life in ways you can't even imagine. I'm still surprised that I didn't write this haiku which I know is weird but my memory is terrible so I have a hard time remembering some of the haiku I've written. Anyways, this haiku just has an intimate and personal meaning for me as a writer so that's why I enjoyed it. Sam

upon the arrival
the dog ran
past the guests

pool finally filled
while kids play inside

you said his name
my heart stopped
with hers

Kala Keller (5)

I think of sincere friendship when I read this haiku. I think of my best friend and how we know each other so well that we think about people in the same light. I will feel the same about her ex as she would. We just know so much about each other that we completely understand one another and feel for the other. So, my heart would feel the same thing as my best friend would in that moment. Paige

Wow, I literally resonate with this because it is actually about me. Kala wrote this about a situation we experienced together the other day. Someone asked a question about Kala's boyfriend that I have a history with and it was literally the most tense moment of my life. I love this haiku because I can't think of any of words or phrasing that would sum up the experience better. It was literally our hearts just stopping for a moment, but in that moment Kala and I were so in tune with each other. Andie

matching bruises
never looked so good
                       on us

Jordan Oelze (8)

When I read this haiku I didn't think of physical bruises (or hickies since we found out that's why this was really about) I think of the bad decisions I make on the weekends with my friends. Sometimes we do get actual bruises and sometimes we just wake up with hangovers, but our nights are always ones to remember. No matter how many times I go out, or where I go, I always have the most fun when I'm with my group of friends called squad. Our decisions wouldn't look as good on another set of friends. Dub

I just imagined my sister and I having the same bruises because we used to fight when we were younger. She would punch me in my arm and I would punch her back in her arm. Ironically enough we would have the same bruises because of something idiotic my sister did. Then the tone of the haiku kind of made fun of having matching bruises or it was humorous. I just imagined after the fight, the haiku made it seem like it was acceptable and cute to have matching bruises. Kind of like saying matching tattoos, it's cute and trendy, but matching bruises are even better! ;) Olivia

I mean I immediately went to hickeys for this one, but I think hickeys are just so beautiful in the most primal of ways. I love how this haiku brought in the element of surprise. The structure lent itself very well to alluding to another obvious bruising, but then hits us with a cheeky little surprise. Also, I think the line “never looked so good” is a very clever line and almost sensual in a way. Andie

watching award shows
in sweats

a locket
hangs from her neck
cold and hard

weather channel
thunderstorms all week
spring break.

Kate Gebultowicz (6)

booked hotel
at Daytona Beach
biker week . . .

Kate Gebultowicz (4)

voices behind closed doors
an offender
screams at the wall

Kala Keller (5)

Louisiana man
stumbles away
grasping broken beads

Kyle McMahon (9)

I never liked you
when you're drunk

Nicholas Kemp (5)

calling my mom
after a long day
she always knows what to say

Jacob Melssen (5)

This was one of my double votes, I love this haiku because it is so real. My mother has the best advice and I can ask or talk to her about anything. After a long day the first person I want to talk to is my mother, and it's because she always knows what to say. Texting her wouldn't give me the same feeling, sometimes I just need to hear her voice tell me what I should do. Even if my day wasn't long, sometimes you just need to hear from your mom. Dub

heavy downpour
my mom's shoes
soaked on the deck

Jordan Oelze

The first line of this haiku completely brought me in—"heavy downpour" is violent, loud, and rainy! Immediately, the setting is clarified. Next comes the image of the narrator's mother's shoes—probably worn favorites of hers. The last line brings focus back to the rain—their mother's shoes are soaked! I can almost hear the rain hitting the already-made puddle in the shoes. Even if they were to bring the shoes in, they would drag rivers through them! Hope Mom understands! Kala

on a blanket
with a picnic basket
such a pure moment

pillow print
my face

Kyle McMahon (8)

I like this because sleep is what I actually need but the picture is pretty clear in this haiku. A pillow is so comfy and warm that having my face on my pillow is like a cloud. And I would have a peaceful sleep because of the soft pillow that puts you right to sleep. Olivia

I can relate to this one because there have been many times where I've fallen asleep in awkward positions and my face is smushed into the pillow. The problem is, I'm in way too deep of sleep to be woken up by the awkwardness or to change positions, so it's really pretty funny when I get up and look at my red face in the mirror. A definite sign of a good sleep! Jake

waiting all month
for the one day
he comes home

something about
quiet, gentle rain
puts me right to sleep

Olivia Gonzalez (5)

This haiku is one of my favorites because I can relate so well to it. I love storms and inclement weather at night, the constant sound and pitter-patter of the rain is very calming and relaxing to me. Often, if the storm isn't bad enough to get my room wet, I'll open my windows so I can clearly hear the rhythm of the rain which puts me to sleep. This haiku allows me to hear all those noises and gives me a sense of calmness. Kyle K

I relate so well to this haiku.  I am a person who really enjoys thunderstorms, but also a calm rain too.  The constant pitter-patter of the raindrops on the house make it very easy for me to drift off to sleep.  There isn't a lot of imagery to this haiku, but that's okay because of the how well people will relate to it. Nick R.

scribbled in ink
today's errands
on my left arm

Amanda Donohoe (4)

I really like this because I am the type of person who will forget simple tasks that were told to me minutes ago. Sometimes you just need to write them down and sometimes you write it on your hand. I can remember in high school when I lost my planner that's sometimes how I would write down my assignments for the class. Nicholas K.

I really liked this haiku. This was my double vote from kukai 5. At first I thought it was going to be about a tattoo but then its turns to just writing errands on your arm. I found it very funny. This is relatable too because in high school I would always write my homework on my hand. This haiku is simple and fun. Chase

beer bubbles
over the rim
after a long day

scary movie
don't go . . .
in the closet.

Caitlyn Latshaw (4)

Sunday evening
I wonder
what I did to lose you

alone with the trees
nature seems to
speak only to me

Olivia Gonzalez (8)

I like this haiku because of the nature theme. I would say my favorite literary movement would be the Transcendentalist's movement. I really enjoy the peacefulness of being in nature, alone, able to reflect and think freely. I live very close to the woods and a river, so when I'm home I often will take our ATV out there and just relax. It's kind of a way to reset the mind and soul.  That is exactly what I think this haiku is saying. Nick R.

find someone who
will make ugly faces
with you

Amanda Donohoe (7)

she twirls her hair
he asks a question
first "date"

like a Venus flytrap
slowly opening

Samuel Miller (4)

fixing her necklace
she takes a deep breath   nods
at the accompanist

Amanda Donohoe (4)

it's always there
creeps through the cracks in the door
his best friend—depression


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