Haiku Kukai 6 Favorites

Global Haiku • Millikin University • Spring 2017

forgiving someone
who was not sorry


was why she was able to g

Yunek Moore (4)

                                      giant       rock
walking through the woods                     alters my path

Caitlyn Latshaw (7)

              the whole family traveled to see this
              the church is full
              today we bury her.

walking on the beach
without you
isn't the same

Olivia Gonzalez

I found this one to be very relatable because this past spring break was my first vacation without my family and first vacation in a long time without my boyfriend. While the beach is a fun place to go and is very relaxing, it wasn't all that it could have been because I wasn't with the ones I love. Walking on the beach with a few friends is a completely different feeling than what I get walking on the beach with my boyfriend and family. Caitlyn

I toss my line
in the smooth water
Sunday afternoon

Nick Retherford (3)

I like the nostalgia I get from reading this. I can picture a summer day when I was in highs chool with my grandfather fishing at our local lake. We never caught anything big, but it was still a lot of fun. The pond we fished at had no movement except for the line bobbing up and down in the water. Nicholas K

the moon illuminates
the tide
emerging our knees

the gentle crashing
of the waves
drifts me to sleep

Nick Retherford (5)

a thunderous roar
is it a storm
or Harleys revving

Nick Retherford (3)

I like this haiku because of how I really feel like I can hear it. Then, the haiku brings up the thought of a storm and I think how I might feel if I expected a storm, scared. But, then the mood of the haiku is lighter as it mentions that the sound could have merely been a Harley. I also feel that this could be taken metaphorically when speaking of something you were afraid if for no reason. I also like the questioning tone of it. Paige

beer on the beach
somehow I didn't
get a ticket

finally get up
popcorn seeds
on the couch

Olivia Gonzalez (3)

hold on
or let him go
that's the riddle

emptied my pockets
found your
diamond earring

we follow
the blue line
     to the windy city

Jordan Oelze (8)

in my rearview mirror
Iowa on the horizon

winding roads
curve round
the mountain

Brittany Walsh (5)

rounding the curve
all jump to one side
tip the bus

nasty words said
in front of the children
just walk away

Caitlyn Latshaw (3)

snowy mountains
point to
an emptiness above

Brittany Walsh (4)

an empty marina
reminds me of when
you left

husband and wife
with all of their attention
on the television

dinner conversation
her mind
out in the garden

circling on a bike
in a vacant parking lot
storm clouds start to form

a missed phone call
I decide
not to return it

first plane ride
is this adulthood?

i think
has a whatshisname

Andrea Burns (9)

This was another one of my favorites from this week's kukais. It was funny, and relatable. A “whatshisname” can be any boy in anyone's life. A boy that sits next to you in class, one that is always talking to you and you don't know his name, or it can be what you call someone when you're trying to remember their name but can't. I even like how there was no space between the name, because when people say it they don't take a breath, and most times its even said fast. This is what made it funny. Dub

topless jeep
California stars
do not disappoint

angry driver
we gave you the chance
to pass

Andrea Burns (7)

blowing through
too much money
every swipe of my card

scrolling through instagram
seeing all the people
I don't talk to anymore

Jacob Melssen (4)

I picked this haiku as one of my other favorite from kukai 6. I liked this one because it is so relatable. I get on Instagram every day, multiple times a day. The amount of pictures I see from old friends or relationships I no longer talk to is incredible. It is weird how I can still follow that person's life without even talking to them through a silly picture app. This is crazy to think about. This haiku also gives me a good image of a student walking through the hallways checking their Instagram. Chase

long day
packed with smiles
ignoring the sunburn

Jacob Melssen (7)

girls night out
Chicago lights
exam on Monday

Paige Dorsel (3)

This was one of my favorites because I love to travel on the weekends, no matter how much work that I have to do during the week. I especially love to go to Chicago for my girls night out. This also makes me think of one time in particular, where I went out on a Thursday for my Line Sisters birthday and that Friday I had a test that I did not study for and took hung over, even though this is not one of my proudest moments, it's the first thing I thought of when reading this haiku. Dub

he holds
her hand
not mine

one kiss
won't change

Paige Dorsel (6)

I really liked this haiku because of the multiple meanings you could get from it. When I first read it, it sounded like two people who were in a relationship in the past and just recently kissed. Just because they kissed doesn't mean it changes the fact that they're broken up. However, I liked everyone else's interpretations in class. Reading it in a different tone can completely change the meaning, which is really cool. Emily

a wooden lift
bobbing up
as we go down

Jordan Oelze





looking behind her
the fireworks spelled

v        c         o        y
    i           t        r

squeezing tight

waves crash on the shore
gentle sea breeze
tickles my face

he hugs his son
at the graduation
he never had

Jordan Oelze (4)

a burst of cold air
as she
slides into her seat

Spring break
but the spring weather
is. on. a. break.

Yunek Moore (10)

I liked this haiku because it was extremely relatable and funny. I went to Florida for spring break with some friends and it was so chilly! We still went outside in shorts and our swim suits, but it was so windy and cold. Even worse, on Monday in Decatur, it was warm and sunny! Way nicer than Florida's weather was. I liked the punctuation of the last line; it's playful and reminds me of someone gritting their teeth because they're annoyed. Emily

I liked this one because even though I did not do much during my spring break it snowed on Monday. I liked the last line and how their were punctuations for every word and it made it more dramatic and real which I liked.This haiku was appropriate for this past spring break and relatable as well. Olivia

took the day off
to hang with her best friend
mommy and daughter time

how come
we only talk
about homework

holding her breath
       she let it go
                 on him

one leg stands
in the water
crushing waves

checking into a
room of four beds
nine girls

Kate Gebultowicz (6)

the girl cooks
in the kitchen
for her doll

Kate Gebultowicz (8)

                open field
         under a field
of stars

Kala Keller (7)

the reflection within
the water
of another person

Kate Gebultowicz

I picture a couple standing at the water that just broke up. She is looking at him like he is a different person. His reflection showing only in the water as he breaks the news to her. Nicholas K

waking up to the
thunder rumbling
outside my window

dewy grass
     and a message
          from the moon

Kala Keller (6)

This haiku is extremely complex to me and puzzles me. I am extremely fond of this haiku, even though it confuses me a little. I appreciate the structure and the way it flows very much so. However, I am puzzled by the message. I am trying to put myself in that specific setting, sitting in the dewy grass looking up at the moon. I want to know what message is received because I can't think of any. Despite how much this puzzles me, I love this haiku. Brittany

barbecue smoke
my father
kisses someone else

Kala Keller (8)

You always want haikus to go the most peaceful ways and this haiku may just be a father kissing another daughter or son on the cheek but unfortunately in this case I believe it is another women and this persons parents are in a divorce. Even though this may seem like a more sad haiku, I like the way it comes together and even thought it may be a tough situation it is still a beautiful day to barbecue. Kyle M

in your arms
the smell of pine
and your smile

an entire city
and the only peace she finds
is at the top of the city

Yunek Moore (3)

our last goodbye
this moment

crossing the state line
I breathe in the air
of my home state

atop the mountain
we puff and pass
as we look out over our kingdom

turning with care
as to not wake her slumber
in the passenger seat

Kyle Kite (5)

Caring for another person doesn't always mean that they see everything you do for them. It's not always buying presents or posting about your significant other on social media. Sometimes it's just holding your significant other while they're crying. Or inviting them over to make popcorn and watch a movie. Sometimes it's giving them another blanket while they're asleep on the couch; you don't realize they're doing it until after you wake up with another blanket on yourself. Sometimes it's learning the other's coffee order. Sometimes, it's turning the car with care as to not wake her slumber in the passenger seat. Amanda

pine sap
sticky fingers
stuck to her hair

white pines stretching
past the slope
black diamond

Nicholas Kemp (2)

more creamer
than coffee
just the way I like it

chicken sizzling
rolling the tortillas
in the sauce

Olivia Gonzalez (2)

antique collecting
grandpa points
to the toy horse he owned

haiku class winner
orphaned by silence
unknown author

man on the moon
looking down on me

Nick Retherford (6)

This haiku stands out to me because of its simplicity and its ability to be interpreted several ways. The haiku its isn't necessarily about deep thinking or profound revelation, yet it is able to get its point across. It also can be taken to mean several different things. The first is that the poem is reassuring. The second is eerie, as we do not know who the man is. The third is wonderment, because we don't know if there is life out there. Nick R

the song on the radio
reminds me of how
things used to be

Nick Retherford (8)

This haiku makes me reminisce. I think we all have those songs that when we hear them, they instantly bring us back to a memory or a specific time or place. This haiku could also mean that the song is talking about simpler times as well, which also is valid. Lots of country and classic rock songs are like this. Nick R

I really like this haiku because its very relatable. I often put memories together with certain songs. Either the song describes a memory of mine or I have a memory in which the song was playing in the background. I have an emotional attachment to a lot of songs, some very happy and some saddening. There are a few songs such as ones that remind me of past relationships or those played at funerals that I do not like hearing. This haiku seems to be reminiscing about a relationship. Paige

whispers drift
from the other room
my name comes up

Nick Retherford (3)

you promised to come back
          but here I am
       Madame Butterfly

Olivia Gonzalez (2)

counting freckles
"angel kisses"
grandma says

little fingers
reaching for my fries
     for the third time

Olivia Gonzalez (12)

After reading this haiku I could only laugh and sometimes that's what a person needs. I like how different this haiku is because it goes from being innocent to annoying. It puts the reader in the shoes of the author and hits the reader with sass when reading it. The last fragment closes the haiku nicely since it shows a child going for someone's fries three times. After a few times the person becomes annoyed and that is shown within this last fragment. The other two fragments are very innocent and cute while the last fragment transitions into a different mood. Therefore, the haiku has a few emotions associated with it. Kate

I laughed at this one because it's so typical of a kid to steal something so insignificant like a fry. Kids seem to have no boundaries when it comes to stuff like this, but they don't really know better. Especially if the kid is stubborn and you ask them if they want to order food, they'll say no but then steal your food. And it's like, hey I thought you said you didn't want any food?! I also like the structure of this one because of the pause at the beginning of the third line. It's like UGH this kid keeps stealing my fries! Jake

one bedroom or two?
our eyes meet, we laugh
two bedrooms

pondering life
on a boat
I drop my paddle

Paige Dorsel (6)

This haiku is very deep and complex, despite the simple structure. I like how the setting is in the middle of the haiku because it levels out the tone in a way. The first two lines together are very simple, the narrator is pondering life on a boat. With the scenic views and sound of water, it is easy to begin to ask questions about life. Surrounded by nature, I oftentimes ask myself questions about where I am going to myself. The last line indicates that the narrator has gotten lost in his or her thoughts because the paddle has dropped. He or she has forgotten to hold on to the paddle because they have become so entranced. I have found myself in situations like this and it's nice to see a haiku that reflects those times. Brittany

I picked this haiku as my favorite and double vote from kukai 6. I liked this one because it starts off so serious. At first this haiku makes you think about your life. The second line gets me a perfect image of a boat and the peaceful water as she thinks. You almost go into a daydream but all the sudden the paddle falls and you snap back to reality. This is also comical to me just how it can go from being so peaceful to dropping the battle. Chase

eyes getting heavy
hands cramp on the steering wheel
four more hours

Kyle Kite (5)

holding whom
was once
gone forever






I know when
that payroll hits
I'll be broke next week

i step through the portal
guns a blazin'
just in time to die, again

freezing on the
sweet peaches

Paige Dorsel (7)

jamming to
with oldies

Paige Dorsel (5)

I thought this was quite humorous. I liked how there were only one or two words for each line which was simple, but the haiku was a classic. I imagined my father and I jamming to 80s or 90s hip hop when I was younger, and going to soccer practice or tournaments. My father really gets into it and it is quite amusing to watch. I love 90s hip hop as well because not only are the songs fun to dance to but it just reminds me of my father. I would not say my dad is an “oldie” like grandfather's age but “middle oldie”.

sitting at the high stools
diner love
over easy

Emily Chudzik (4)

I liked this haiku it was very calming and seemed so right. Sitting at the high stools made it seem that this family or couple is sitting somewhere they usually don't sit so it made it special. I love how they continued that with dinner love, over easy is just flowed so right and it all came together so perfectly. Kyle M

I have a strong attraction to writing that calls attention to nostalgia and aesthetically pleasing things. Diners are such weirdly specific places that have strong memories of a time that doesn't exist anymore, but no matter when the diner was made or how long it's been around those feelings are still there and they're just a great place for people to connect. This haiku captures all those feelings and all those memories and I just really liked reading it. Sam

sinking to the bottom
of the pool
a lone red solo cup

Emily Chudzik (2)

I really liked this haiku because it gave a very visual image. I imagine the scene from inside of the pool at the bottom. I can see the cup fall into the pool and start to sink. There is a party outside of the pool that is very loud with tons of people and colors. Then the red solo cup falls into the water and it becomes quiet as it slowly sinks to the bottom. Caitlyn

not a day goes by
that i don't miss
my innocence

Emily Chudzik (4)

an unopened Busch Light
next to the bed—
spring break aesthetic

Emily Chudzik (6)

in the middle of
chopping tomatoes
he tells her he's leaving

Emily Chudzik (5)

I enjoyed this haiku simply because it catches the reader off guard just as it does the woman. It's in the middle of her chopping the tomatoes, which means he didn't wait until the end to tell her. And you usually don't chop tomatoes, you slice them. Does the woman know he's going to leave and is angry? Is this a surprise to her? Amanda

rocks poke
at my toes
through my flip flop

Paige Dorsel (6)

guy at the bar
who are you with?
my mom

Paige Dorsel (4)

This one made me laugh as well because it's kind of something I would do. I would either A) lie to someone who is trying to talk to me and say that I'm there with my mom, just so they'd leave me alone or B) actually go out to a bar with my mom and not even be ashamed of it. I think that the double meaning of this poem is what I like best about it. Jake

presenting the flag
to the widowed woman

little house
in the distance
his lights are on

small feet
in a full puddle

her hand
          in mine
we walk
          along the shore

we marked our time
spray paint signatures
Cadillac Ranch

he slicked back his hair
i thought we
were just friends

bath water now cold
still sitting
always thinking

staring in the mirror
the body
she wants to be proud of

he drops her mail
off every summer
just to get a glimpse of her

blink of an eye
she's gone
in the arms of another man

Chase Smith (2)

knocking at the door
we wait . . .
           he's gone

Chase Smith (3)

the snow flurries
all night . . .
spring break?

black leather and
the smell of gasoline—
Daytona Bike Week

Emily Chudzik

I've never been to Daytona. I never even knew there was such thing as a Bike Week in Daytona. When I grew up I was always around motorcycles because my family is a biker family. I know the smell of black leather and gasoline, I know the feeling of the engine rumbling and the sound of that thunderous roar and I read this haiku and remembered all of it. This haiku makes me think of my family and all that stuff that I haven't experienced in years. Sam

dancing with a
in the overcrowded bar

Emily Chudzik (5)

In this haiku, I can imagine a distinct overcrowded bar that has people stepping all over each other. I imagine a very popular bar to that has a promotion going on or the fact that it's spring break. I find it ironic that the author uses the word Buffalo because this animal is enormous. To place a buffalo in an overcrowded place makes the scene even more uncomfortable, which is why I like this haiku. The buffalo becomes a human equivalent in size that is dancing with a person. They both might feel awkward because there is no room or just because the guy is the size of a buffalo. I liked the words used in this haiku that made it funny and interesting. Kate

“Lifeguards Only”
we sit in the chair

Emily Chudzik (5)

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