Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Andrea Burns

Rengay - Last Night


Andrea Burns

This haiku booklet has its roots in the title, six/twenty-three/ninety-six, as it is my birthday. I decided that this booklet would be full of the haiku that I felt a particularly strong connection with. Not that they are entirely geared towards me, but they are about my growth over this semester. Little things that I noticed, the common experiences I understood differently, and the new situations I found myself in. I hope that if you're reading this, you can relate and find some comfort in knowing that insecurity does not have to be a lonely experience. My favorite thing about haiku is how different people have very different readings of haiku, so I encourage you to let your mind run wild and ponder over the first thing that comes to mind.

silly adventures
class in the morning
oh well

hazy eyes
giggling roommates

he pulls her closer
to tell her
how jealous he is

wouldn't you agree?
we aren't passing as
“Just friends”

i keep promising
one more sleepover

i fall asleep
on your shoulder
and dream of someone else

she paints
the floor back to black
final production dreaming of pipes

the day
she smiles in the mirror
she wins

i can hear
giggles in the other room
a couple's first sleepover

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