Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Caitlyn Latshaw


Caitlyn Latshaw

This collection of haiku includes some of my favorites that I have written this semester. I have chosen the title Thorns because most of the haiku in this collection seem to be darker and deal with a side of things that isn't normally talked about or just ignored. I have really loved writing these haiku and putting them together in this collection.

                                      giant       rock
walking through the woods                     alters my path

day by day
one step at a time
I will heal

spring rain
in the cornfield

nasty words said
in front of the children
just walk away

old theater
the seat lowers
but sits empty

broken old dock
the only place
I find peace

lying in the grass
watching clouds
daises in her hair

Ill love you forever
he wrote . . .
on the card in the trash

the creak and squeak
as I pedal
Grandmas old bike


my hand on his chest
warm beat of the heart
five minutes left

a huge dog bed
curled up in the center
the cat

street light
shines in the window
varicose veins

hotel motel
a tired mother's eyes
on the newborn

late night
at the dinner table
breaking the news

old man's bare chest
lit with the light . . .
of the television

the rosebush
he planted
a handful of thorns

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