Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Chase Smith

The Life of Chase

Chase Smith

The following collection is based off real life experiences. Many topics are discussed in this collection such as sports, death, love, work, and school. The best of my haiku comes from my personal experiences.

two-ball dribbling

This haiku is my signature gift haiku and was written from personal perspective. I have been playing basketball ever since I could pick up a ball. This haiku shows the toughness of the ball handling drills that I have been doing for years.

late night
we sneak to the train tracks
no one will see

This is another haiku that was based off personal experience and shows the craziness of college. This is one of my favorites because there is mystery involved and it got a lot of attention during our classes. All these personal experiences bring back specific memories that I never want to forget.

Basketball Haiku

triple threat
he holds the ball
for the last shot

shot goes up
the sound of the buzzer
my heart stops

the last shot 
gym floor shakes
right through the net

weaving through
the obstacles
just to start again

freeing sound
  of the perfect

sideline to sideline
not fast enough
restart . . .
the taste of puke

sweaty handshakes
the end of
a good game

a dad's shoulders
tear soaked
out of tissue

seven white roses
one petal
. . . falling

patiently waiting
at the back door
rain drops

the boy leaning over
his fearful eyes . . .
over his casket

the chilling wind
brushes against . . .
my black heart

rise early, he has risen
Church bells
ring to the rising sun

five snowy steps
footprints lead

lonely wooden cabin
the silence
of the dark


we stare at the sunset
the darkness
comes out of the both of us

bright moon
no where to go
wolf howls

blink of an eye
she disappears into
arms of another man

parched lips
the pop of the can

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.