Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Emily Chudzik

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After You Leave

Emily Chudzik

A common theme in my haiku is relationships. I find my best work comes out when I focus on that theme. I decided to choose my favorites and create a story. Each haiku is specifically placed in order to tell the story of a relationship, from its new and exciting beginning to its uncertain ending. While compiling my collection, I noticed I often focus on stars, coffee, and small imperfections, like freckles or moles. I think this brings a nice level of continuity to the story. Each haiku is derived from a specific instance in my life or from stories my friends have told me. Only a few are made up, but they all somehow fit together to create something bigger. I decided to call my collection After You Leave after a line in one of my haiku. Although the collection deals with the relationship, the title suggests what happens in the end. I hope you enjoy After You Leave.


Reader's Introduction

After You Leave mainly focuses on the relationship between two people. The haikus stand alone individually, but when they come together, they create a bigger story. They start at the beginning of a relationship, most likely a first love. As they progress, the two people in the story slowly begin to drift apart until they are no longer together. It is a relatable story with snapshots of a relationship. At its core, it is a bittersweet collection about young love.

Kate Gebultowicz

suburban driveway
my first

the curve of your
lips remind me

the brightest one
sits next to me

connecting your
the Big Dipper

drinking coffee
the next morning—
officially lovers

lingering on my lips
the feeling of
your name

sunlight enters
a narrow window—
the shape of you

on the dance floor

the first time i kissed
your scars

in my closet
your high school sweatshirt

i dress myself
in your clothes

coffee date
staring at the
mole above your lip

lying on the
mapping out our future

on the stereo
you lean in to kiss me

quiet morning
i make your bed
after you leave

your eyes
my mind

hardwood floor
fingers softly trace
my beauty marks

end of the movie
you open the door
but don't kiss me goodnight

when the stars
left your eyes
i knew we were over

coffee brews—
you tell me you
need more time

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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