Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Kyle Kite

Rengay - Last Night

A New World

Kyle Kite

A New World is a haiku collection of my work over the Spring of 2017 semester at Millikin University. These haiku were written in correlation with my education on Global Haiku Traditions taught by Randy Brooks. Over the course of the semester I learned that I have a great attraction to haiku that have a sense of adventure, wonder or new experiences. Hence, A New World is a collection of haiku that, for the majority, I have written that embody that. Human beings don't grow from wallowing in the past, but being present and moving forward. I have prided myself in being someone who doesn't worry about what has happened or what will happen, and it shows through in my haiku. I hope that readers of this collection will be inspired to live in the moment, although it is much easier said than done.

atop the mountain
we puff and pass
as we look out over our kingdom

I am from North Carolina and I spent a lot of my childhood and youth exploring the woods and hiking mountains. I think that the mountains are an incredible way to clear your head and truly enjoy what is before you because they provide so much sensory that it's hard to ignore. I wrote this haiku because getting to the top of the mountain is like a king coming to his throne to rule, an amazing experience that can only be understood by having done it.

jump in the car
rev the engine

This haiku is rather self-explanatory; I LOVE road trips. I'm not much for road trips with my family, but road trips with my friends make up some of my favorite memories. There is nothing like the bond you build between people who are in a car with you for insane amounts of time. All of the snacks, laughs, music, pictures, amazing food, amazing sights; the possibilities are ENDLESS and you can explore so many new things on a road trip.

Greek Haiku

chai tea latte


fight club
first rule

last minute
racing the clock
printer is out of ink

Sunday brunch
Burger King
and chocolate shakes

flirtatious chatter
on the late night train
. . . girlfriend?

lonely soul at the bar
lonely cigarette on my lips
I hate this song

I remember warm nights
wrapped in each other's arms

turning with care
as to not wake her slumber
in the passenger seat

cornfields for miles
gas light dings
I pull out my last cigarette

I stand beneath
the Eiffel Tower
so that's how tall it is

cool breeze—
blowing off of the ocean
the taste of Piña Colada.

I silently sob
as I bring the lighter
to our last picture together

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.