Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Nicholas Kemp

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One Dimmed Headlight

Nicholas Kemp

The title of my collection “One Dimmed Headlight” comes from the evening walks from class to my house. I draw my inspiration from things happening around me. Some of the haiku written are fictional representations of something that I am imagining. Nature is a big part of the haiku in this collection. The collection is very emotionally charged with my past feelings and thoughts.

I really enjoyed Nicholas's Haiku. They showed a very distinct imagery that made me feel like I was in that moment of his memory. ~ Whitley Sapp

midnight run
golf course sprinklers
showering under the moonlight

sweat bleeds through
the white t-shirt
one more lap

hills of Ireland
mountains of Pennsylvania
on the stationary bike

glazed donut,
church coffee—
seeing faces never seen before

scrubbing the walls
crayon dinosaur
won't come off

golden koi
shimmering in the sun
wedding nerves

re-lacing her rollerblades
blood trickling down
serpent tattoo

I never liked you
when you're drunk

midnight conversation
he listens to her
half asleep


body tenses
at her sight

matching shirts
fake smiles
not really friends

cracks in the wall
by a Gorillaz poster

dark sidewalk
oncoming traffic
one headlight slightly dimmed

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