Rengay Kukai

Global Haiku Tradition • Rengay Attempts 1, Spring 2017

That Night

he pulls her closer
to tell her
how jealous he is

his hands just “resting”
on her waist

she looks around
to see who
might see them

the lights are dim just enough

drunk college kids
surround this moment

a girl in her own moment
accidentally dumps her beer


figure eights
on her thigh
an exhale

a cigarette slowly burns
on the bedside table

peering out
the motel window
fuzzy lights

we didn't plan on a night
like tonight

the flower petals
sprinkled on the floor
and the twinkle in your eye

the candles cast shadows
I watch them as I drift off to sleep . . .


against his better judgment
he gives her a
playful shove

eyes weary from no
sleep last night

in an autumn breeze
she finds the
strength she needs

chasing the sunset in
a beat-up Jetta

against her better judgment
she gives him
her whole heart

one-way tickets

Good Night

light of the television
the old man's bare chest

tired wife in the kitchen
doing dishes

a house quiet
after a long hard day
an empty nest

imagining the tap
of running feet on the hardwood

cold beds
not slept in for years
now guest bedrooms

she slips under the blanket
on the couch
behind her husband

Recalling the Kiss

breeze blowing
tall green grasses
the young frog

the blades of grass
hide the little frog

in the pond
an orange guppie
follows the light

leading the way home
the ship blows
its horn

the captain's daughter
looks out among the waters

rethinking her love
lost in the summer
. . . moon

Rain, Rain

rain pounds against
the bedroom window—
spring announcing its arrival

the little girl grabs
her rain boots

drowning in the
shallow puddle
a single daisy

feet deep
in the water

she snatches a
fallen bucket
hoping to catch the drops

squishing the puddle
within her shoes


clock strikes 5
finally headed home

phone lights up
plans are born

we gather around
the red and orange flames

the crisp, clean crack
of a cold one

the light from the fire
reflects faintly
from the metal

to my despise
Natty Light


sidewalk cracks
    carpeted by
orange leaves

the breeze blows away
i go with it

a poodle
ruffled by the wind
    sits on a stairway

broken foundations
where so many families reside
I take a step in

a dogwood tree
the roots
    in every direction

up the trunk the branches spread
covering the streets below


dewy grass
and a message
from the moon

forbidden thoughts
confided in the sky above

chatty stars
whisper the secrets
I told in a wish

under your watch
my shaking hands

trembling digits
recall the time
they once held you

clenching the phone
my finger spins the wire

Gushing Wind

below the clouds
      the wind
whispers in my ear

rage in her eyes
tangled hair

grabbing another
I clench my thirst
with a beer

missing keys
from the table

eyes to the sky
I ponder
patiently waiting

next morning
she awakes on the couch

Away From Home

car pulls up
lights flick off
engine is cut

the moon's guiding light
blankets the Earth below

packed like canned goods
trunk is full
car ride

the radio blares
flying down the highway

sleepy eyes creep open
the sun slowly rising
the ocean

a world away
worries left behind

She Speaks

eyes closed
trees breathing
     calming wind

quietly stirs
nature speaks

blue birds dance
to the rustling of leaves
     earth makes music

mind wonders
scenes of past

deep brown eyes
holding hands
laying here next to you

world is old
     and so are we

I Knew You

smooth steps
avoiding light

chandelier glistening
hand over mouth

have to get away
     glass shatters

blood dripping down my knees
he sees me

a standoff
his dark eyes
     he has changed

no remorse
this is it


over the tall oaks
the brick buildings
backpack tugging

breeze blowing through hair
the steps get closer

he follows
close behind, wishing he
could be with her

pencils tapping, bubbles fill up
only 10 more minutes

the glimpse of her
rushes through his head
love struck

she finally notices
flashing a smirk his way

© 2017, Randy Brooks • Millikin University • last updated: May 4, 2017
All rights returned to authors upon publication.