Box of Memories—Selected Haiku

Edward J. Morosini

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2001

Edward J. Morosini

A Rengy
A Child's Playthings

Another Rengy
Man Remembering

One More Rengay
A Ghost's Misgivings

Essay on
Garry Gay's Haiku Journey



Haiku should be full of emotions as well as poetics. As I reflect on my life, I realize that the main source of emotion is my memories. As my life continues, current events trigger something in me that takes me back to a time a little simpler, or maybe complex. This trip back in time is a great source of emotion. It also serves as a springboard into the creativity that spawns insight.

The haiku that follow attempt to follow the thoughts of a person who find the mind racing because of some trigger. These haiku can be taken separately, or as a series. They were all written at different points, but seem to deal with the same idea. The emotional memories that people undoubtedly have.

—Edward J. Morosini


I have known Edward Morosini since we were thrown together as roommates our freshman year. He is a man of humor, sentiment, and ball caps. It is in fact rumored that Edward in never without his Nike cap except when taking a shower, and even that—for obvious reasons—still remains unproven. In this, our fourth and final year attending classes together at Millikin, eating Pizza Factory together, chasing each other with dart guns (that’s suction cupped darts for any concerned members of Residence Life) I have realized that there is another thing that Edward always has at his side: he has an unbeatable love for his friends. The memories that we have created and shared together will never be forgotten.

In this collection, you will find yourself immersed in the brain of Edward Morosini, his own little "box of memories" if you will. The haiku herein is straightforward and straight from the heart. They speak to us all for we have all found things forgotten. So I implore you, enjoy what is written out for you on the following pages. Perhaps you will find something at the very bottom of your box that has been long forgotten.

—Andrew Harrison

box of memories
long-stem rose
broken below the flower

late night novel
the words blur
missing her

A Child's Playthings

a rengay
by Jessica Crawford & Eddie Morosini

long forgotten
teddy bear
losing stuffing

layer of dust
my old journal

music box
creaks open
to an old familiar tune

mother's ring
side by side
plastic necklace

shattered mirror
broken home

child's playthings
long before their time



short story
fresh copy
photocopied rejection

"Keep in touch."
the wind
dandelions disperse



Man Remembering

a rengay
by Eddie Morosini & Jessica Crawford

dusty frame
faded photograph
forgotten memory

wilted rose
time forgotten

box of letters
her scent
still lingers

hand drawn hearts
yellowed edges
confirmation of love

remembering her face
forgotten her name

time past
young boy now
man remembering

moon beams
puddles of light
midnight walk



night air
the old owl
reads my mind

A Ghost's Misgivings

a rengay
by Jessica Crawford & Eddie Morosini

Restless spirit
the cool breeze
rustles the leaves

front porch swing
moves on its own

unfulfilled dreams
blow down
the deserted street

the leaves
race the moon
to the distance

the stars here
unheard whispers

seeking rest
the restless night
drags on



upturned collar
racing the leaves
deserted street

the branch
still shaking
crows fly away



©2001 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors