Selected Haiku

Nick Saubers

Global Haiku Tradition
Millikin University, Spring 2001

Nick Suabers

Reader's Introduction

Haiku is constantly reinventing itself. It must constantly move with the changing times. A truly good haiku writer understands this. A truly good haiku writer must also understand that along with the serious nature of haiku poetry, even haiku must come to a point where it can poke fun at itself. If life is taken too seriously, it becomes incredibly boring. The haiku by Nick Saubers insure that we never take life too seriously.

Nick's haiku are a delicate balance between the serious and the outrageous. By balancing such topics as loneliness and breakfast foods, the reader is able to fully grasp the depth of his collection. He touches on subjects that are all too familiar for the reader whether it be piercings or everyday emotions. In that way, Nick has fully grasped what a haiku is and should be. Any reader should be able to fully understand where Nick is coming from with his haiku and he has fully accomplished that.

—Sarah Knutilla

Post party
with friends     but alone
the walk home is long

"Hominy Nominy Dominos"
Mom's forgiving glance
at her 5 year old's latin

twenty years
the GIANT slide
dwarfed by time



she's gone . . .
our dog whines
for its old friend

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