EN340 / IN350 Global Haiku Tradition
Dr. Randy Brooks
Spring 2002
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Gia Drouzas

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Gia Drouzas

I am currently a Music Major at Millikin University. I am from Indianapolis, Indiana where I have lived ever since I was born. I have always liked reading but it has honestly not been my most favorite hobby, although I love reading about music and personal stories. My freshmen year of college at DePaul University I was required to take a creative writing class and I absolutely loved it. I love writing about everyday experiences, I feel there is no greater writing than writing from your heart!

My first day of haiku class I was not sure what to expect, because I had never been introduced to it before. I thought it was so unique that we could express exactly how we were feeling in such minimal words, and leave the rest up to the reader’s imagination to figure out what we were feeling.

The haiku I have written over the semester our definitely experiences from my everyday life. A lot of my haiku deal with relationships and love, which I so dearly hold close to my heart, partly because I just got engaged. There is nothing more beautiful then the love two people share. You will find by reading my haiku I seem to bring back a lot of memories either from childhood or just our everyday life. This class has truly opened my eyes to the wonderful world around me and has taught me such a wonderful way to express my self through writing. I truly hope you enjoy my haiku.

—Gia Drouzas

my valentine
all dressed up
never shows up

(Illinois Times, Feb. 21, 2002)
(Solaris Hills, Feb. 21, 2002)

sun on your face
     waves wash up on your feet
          endless waters

hot steam rises
     from warm delicious pasta
          a prayer answered




A place where it looks like the water meets the sky and never ends—where I can completely let every frustration loose and forget about everything except where I am at that very present moment in my life, and my faith and relationship with God. Nothing is more beautiful to me than being able to see myself in that present moment and the beauty of my surroundings. Our society is so rushed that we do not take the time to appreciate what we have and what God has given us. The ocean is a place where I can let all my fears go and appreciate that very second of my life.

never-ending water and sky
such beauty within one self
all from one creator

©2002 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors