Global Haiku • Spring 2017
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Yunek Moore

The New Crowd

Yunek Moore

Dub Moore is a senior sociology and psychology double major from Peoria, Il. Throughout the 2017 spring semester Dub wrote numerous haiku and have decided to share her favorites in this booklet. In an attempt to reach numerous audiences, she selected haiku that dealt with mental health, social injustice, comedy and love. In her unique approach to writing haiku, she tends to shy away from the traditional topics to reach a new crowd. She wants everyone to be able to find themselves in at least one of her haiku. Her haiku are dedicated to the untraditional; those not afraid to stand out, those that have and will struggle with mental illnesses and those who wonder about love “The New Crowd.”

orange fish, blue fish, new fish
she does not look the same in person

she brings him flowers
he has on his best suit
the funeral owner tells her it gets easier

the bottle of wine
crashes on the floor
she forgot what she was drinking for

he's never alone
but always lonely,
depression in his back pocket

honor student and volunteer
police did not care
she’s another hashtag

the flowers never bloom
where my loved one lays.
The Stone Garden

young boy looks on in amazement,
his heroes the men in blue—
leaving his father's face blue . . .
                                       and black

hospital waiting room
husband calls in to work
for his dead wife

looking back on his life
the broken jaw
cracked smile

she traces the story
her fingerprints
over his scars

road trip with dad
I'm driving, he's in the passenger seat
I let his ashes out in the ocean

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