Haiku Kukai 5

Roundtable Haiku • Kukai 5, Fall 2008

hook, line
and sinker
the fisherman's hat

end of my
the bell rings

hard workout
the breeze
in my hair

on the park bench
why we came

sex poem
church bells
in the background

old ladies in church
knit along
with the sermon

sitting alone
on the railroad track
come what may

into the fog
back out of the fog
gentle oars

her children at home
the woman sits alone
in the church pew

curtain calls
you grab my hand
extra tightly

finish line:
the sound of the gun
moves her

a frog leaps in
the boy
keeps sweeping leaves

home from work
no dirty dishes
but my own

World Series
he nods
to everything you say

fast asleep
he commandos
my side

first one home—
dead mouse
on the livingroom floor

at the wedding
my eye is on
the cake

stood up
oh well!
two desserts for me

the stray dog
my grievances fall on
nonjudgmental ears

dead of winter
a rabbit’s footprints
through the snow

thinking about
my day at work.
i hit a squirrel.

light shines through
double-hung windows
reflecting ocean waves

cool autumn evening
the black-bottomed kettle

seven years later
the dryer spins
a hand-me down

un-carved pumpkin
after Halloween

echappe, echappe,
pas du bouree?
was that MY routine

your bedside
since I left you

in the crowded subway
we stand...

playing video games:
he does not hear
the cat throw up.

heated rant—
she eats
all of his cake


© 2008, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.