PACE Global Haiku • Fall 2008
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Amy Van Rheeden

Selected Haiku

Amy Van Rheeden

How are we supposed to react to others' lifestyles and behaviors? Some behaviors are cozy, and others are tense. Some people show love; others show lack of acceptance. These poems focus on self-other relationships. More precisely, they deal with observations of how others relate to us and how our inner-voice affects us. These are less haiku and more short snippets of relationship; nonetheless, I am happy how each poem turned out.

our milkshake:
he feeds me
the only cherry

eating nothing
from the sushi bar—
a U.S. World War II vet

sunday afternoon . . .
his math homework
in crayon


hot chocolate &
favorite magazine
My mental health day!

the homeless man

the church service
suddenly silent


spring storm . . .
in the parking garage
a homeless man smokes

the homeless man
looks at my ring &
drinks his coffee


sitting on a
railroad track
come what may

© 2008, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.