Kukai 5 - Absorbed & Focused Intently

Roundtable Haiku • Millikin University, Fall 2010

teenagers stumble
out of a car—
the goose got out

my whole existence
in binary code

baby holds
Daddy's face
with both hands

his beer warms up
as he rereads the note
She left him.

in the flower garden—
his daughter only picks
the dandelions

omelet time
with dad
at last

dusty closet,
my mother's scent,

folding laundry
a sock
I don't know

asking for a kiss
her eyes don’t leave the screen
Facebook addiction

with my family
the email can wait

my eyes scanning the room,
everyone to look at,
casket is all I see.

writer’s block
she eats another piece
of cookie

in the dark
he whispers for hours
after I’ve left

treading lightly
I sing
to the moon

driving alone
to the clinic—
she’s too young

fishing on the riverbank
a boy sits
on his schoolbooks

counting strides diligently
en route to and over
her first jump

midday service
we both light a candle
for mother

full closet
nothing touched
since her departure

insanity (n):
believing this relationship
can change

she perches
chatting with ants

    track             morning,
the                             the
     around         train,

your words
into my soul

Christmas evening snow
froze gently
on the manger scene

they grace the dance floor
is the only one

talking to me
he doesn’t notice
his ex slink by

twilight kiss
letting the sun set
with my doubts

Christmas dinner with the future in-laws
he stops again to study
the names written on his hand

empty campus sidewalk
the clack clack clack
of suitcase wheels

trophy wife
realizing the fridge
is empty

baby in arms,
for mom's affection

fire warm winter evening
no lover to call
her own

first one home
I turn on
all the lights

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.