Kukai 1 - winter break & semester start

Roundtable Renga • Millikin University, Spring 2011

(1) kukai - just select your favorite haiku (as many as you love)
(2) renga hokku - mark 1-2 haiku that would be an excellent start for a kasen renga with a big H
(3) renga links - circle ones that you think would be excellent as links instead of hokku

blankets of snow
filling the yard—
cuddling up in bed

White Christmas
covered with snow—
sung into a holy hymn

all alone—
winter storm
shakes my window

my goal is three spins
for this, I will practice much
the purple tights will help

rescue cat kneads
my robe

African night sky
first time I see
the Milky Way

the purple sunset
the wind whistles
she sighs, closes the windows

errand run
grandma slips me
raspberry jam

pacing in the waiting room
dying to hear
one word

snowed in
unpacking my sweater
one more night

tender touch
fading from my life
your soul

winter break
watching every single
movie I own

icy hill
the black sky matches
her bruise

lazy saturday
an hour drive
to find a used book store

Santa Claus creeps into
cinnamon-smelling chimney
along with secret gifts

near sleep
click click click
of my roommate's computer

cold sting
a smile that warms
the journey begins

made Dean's list last year
a perfect way to exhale
now breathe in again

ancient-walled city
down cobblestone streets
I wander

midnight snack
a solitary

winter solstice
my mother's cat paws
the pendulum

keeping me awake
a faint cry
in the other bedroom

new year's eve
in Time's Square
on a small TV

snowed in
I finally read her
a story

my sister stands
on the edge

summer afternoon
my baby’s breath crown
tickles my forehead

hot grass
the child crowns me
with clover

false recollection
wintertime blues?
missing college

crackling fire—
the sunset catches
in icy branches

new year
death looms overhead
another day

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.