Kukai 2 - love tan-renga

Roundtable Renga • Millikin University, Spring 2011

his kiss
the only betrayal
I felt

breathless whispers
promise me the world

summer starlight
the way her boots
light up in the dark

bulging pockets
full of dollar bills

naked ring finger—
dropping hints
at Valentine's dinner

Tiffan's box
earrings again

first date
in his hand

a hoard of panicking frogs
on the dance floor

schoolroom bustle
a special valentine
awaiting delivery

the class Charlie Brown
peeks in his locker

I throw your clothes
on the lawn
stuffed shoe box—

pawing through
last year's valentines

winter snow covered
for a deep breath

fading with moonlight
in the last night

dimming lights
chocolate brown eyes
meet my gaze

champaign bubbles
slide up the glass

bright red
she hides that heart
on her sleeve

she doesn't need more

initials carved in a tree
late one summer
fifty years ago

revisiting old memories
love has grown stronger

slow dance
at her son's wedding
with her ex-husband

they glance at their son
for a moment they are young again

movie theater rush
he wipes his damp palms
one last time

popcorn gives them both

box of chocolates
on the counter
only coconut left

dog won't even touch them
thrown away with the rest of the day

walking slow
he waits for her
to catch up

splashing in puddles
to waste time

roses on the table
from last week's date

second thoughts
from the phone call

reaching out
crossing that old line
of comfort

memories linger
of their first embrace

romantic evening
a knock on the door
she stops, checks the mirror

little black dress
still on the hanger

another damn
love haiku

I reach for
another page

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.