Haiku Kukai 3 - Easter Break

Roundtable Renga • Millikin University, Spring 2011

pinky toe
falling asleep
in shiny shoes

little feet
fill the special
church shoes

tap shoes
click on the driveway
outside of church

rainbow fingers
finally finished
coloring the eggs

spring rain
the color drips off
the hidden eggs

sunday mass
never enough tissues
on Easter

egg hunt
before the full moon

Easter eggs
the neighbor's trees

hen house
not a peep
from the egg basket

a single kick
she rests her hand
on her stomach

music plays
while her stomach dances

pleasant surprise—
on the little plastic stick

kneeling at the altar
to confess her sins
on Easter Sunday

lipstick and rouge
another Sunday of
forgetting "modesty"

Easter sunrise
tarnished cross
in my jewelry box

Kool-Aid stains
her white and pink
Easter dress

morning after
blossoms unfold
a fresh start

they stare
at the last piece of ham

screech of tires—
the turtle
crosses the road

broken iron
too many wrinkles
on their sunday best

the rusted bike
from the stuffy garage

stuffing her face
results in an
Easter-dinner food baby

little Hershey bunny
waiting on little hands,
she still believes.

chocolate smears his face—
Easter bunny
cracked open

reaching into the bunny hole
she searches
for an egg

rain boots splashing
her fingers search
for worms

flipping through the channels
Grandma avoids
Grandpa' s favorites

Easter morning
coughing blood
in the kitchen sink

a cold look
in my direction—
the evil stepdaughter

small talk
avoiding the dishes
after dinner

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.