Renga Seeking Edits & Responses

Renga Writing Roundtable • Spring Break Renga, Spring 2011

Blackouts Schedule

morning after
first blossoms radiate
with hope

she folds sunlight
into each paper crane

blackout schedule
over the radio
in the kitchen

afternoon tea
with the neighbors

before dark
we stack fallen books
in neat piles

if I could only
find the words

a solo rengay by
Aubrie Cox



Spring Break Renga

new shades
taking the long way home
windows down

studying the green water
from the bridge

laughing on the couch
drinking cheap beer
at noon

a walk along the beach
backs to the wind

by morning
the last of the snow
is gone

after many weeks
turning the page
on the sadness

we sit with a smile
under your sun

Nora Kocher



True Love

the summer moon
she has his heart
on her necklace

blankets on the lawn
cuddling for warmth

each day comes and goes
“you're forever,”
a whisper for her

college separating
this love
distance settles

ring box
awaiting the perfect time

a life without her
is a life not lived,
she says yes.

by Tara Goheen
Lori Kinnard (Tara's mom)

Turtle Eye View

warm spring air
from her lungs

she slows
to a walk

rabbit's nose
at the approaching threat

winters storm
food disappears

greenness is gone
days seem long
waiting for buds to appear

flying south
to waste time

lovebirds singing
in the sun
mother cradling newborn

baby's breath
came in a vase

eyes focused
smiles are felt
warmth runs through blood

turtles remind us
home is everywhere

stars illuminate
moon takes a bow
milky way

sugar high
she runs from room to room

brown turns green
robins sing
hearts are lifted

star patterns
outlined in a book

windows opened
music rings out
between daffodils

garden bugs
swaying in the wind

awaited sunrays
turn garden tillers
seedlings planted

as time passes
leaves change form

some cling
others fall
color galore

sunrise burns
like fire's flame

bursting proud parents
anticipation of
what's next

bright yellow splashes
upon gender neutral walls

contentment in
life's learning
all so real

she turns the page
to a new chapter

a turtle renga by
Elise & Barbara Scannell

Spring Break Kasen

Spring moon
surrounded by sparkles
of opportunity

she sits by the phone
waiting for the light

Warm breeze
smells stream behind them
as does her hair

bike ride in the evening
he does his best to show off

Late night
the new smells keep
her awake

morning arrives as she starts
the coffee

Wooden chopsticks
asian place for their
first date

longer days with shorter sleep
reads the fortune cookie

Borrowed book
the rented movies are

the awaited guest leaves
as fast as he arrived

Grinding wheel
the tasks are once again
in motion

sleep comes quickly
after days of cleaning

Broken racket
the new yellow balls
do not suffice

too much, too little
time continues on

Chiming clock
reminds us
of the real time

flip flops, shorts,
and new skin

Orange blossoms
a new picture
for his collection

the record seems broken
though he plays it again

New haircut
lucious curls fall
before we meet

the sharp mohawk makes
him seem younger

Birthday candles
blow away another layer
of youth

she drops the baby asparagus
after pulled from the oven

First dinner
she cooks food
from his homeland

plantaine sandwiches
sweet to a foreign tongue

Full moon lips
unexpected softness
form his kisses

resisting the will
to call every few seconds

Sleepy movie
drifting off
in warm arms

cozy lovenest
for only one season

Jennifer Kibbat

jell-o shot fumes

of burnt jell-o
in my mouth

sugar dancing in the air
lingers on my tongue

everyone cheers
to a wild
Spring Break

down in one gulp—
frozen teeth

dizzy playing
she almost trips over the dog

“I don’t know, man
I’m tired,” she says

“Come on,
just one more shot,”
she replies

waving the remote
and slicing through air

the objects fall
as the shot slides down

“Suck it!”
she yells in triumph

while defeated
he goes back to the bar
for another round

“To losers everywhere!”
he shouts in a daze

you really like
to use quotes
you weenie

haiku is not my forte
you meanie

it's the effort
that counts
let’s check the jell-o!

hecks yes!
now, where’s my phone?

a “free flowing” renga by
Kate Eagler & Trisha Wheatley


Untitle Haiku String

darkened lot
headlights dim
in the heat

lightning storm
rain dabbling
your tanned arm

pink sky
the flowers

summer dance
a hand picked bouquet
of daffodils

yellow moon
he gently fans
her neck

old newspaper
our first date forecast

his scream drowned out
the sirens

new plot
the soft earth still

breaking news
the tremors spilling
my coffee

water rings
the rocking chair still

boards cover
the gutted house
it all floods back

cold rain
the magnolia bud

lunar eclipse
the shadows

pink paint
standing untouched
in the nursery

crane mobile
your fingers reaching
for the sky

cloud watching
a fire breathing dragon...
No! A princess!

taffeta gown
tears blossom
in the garden

(first half)
solo haiku rounds by
Susie Wirthlin





red silk
your pale legs

spider web
her sticky smile
tempts me

twisted sheets
his toes open
and close

midnight snack
his eyes feasting
her chicken breast

picnic blanket
the leaves crunching
under your back

dead grass
re reading the letter
she left

crumpled paper
the lipstick kiss

carnival lights
a girl with your hair
my heart pounds

waiting room
the doctor's grim

parlor pallor
your cheeks sunken
and eyes closed

morning after
unknown flowers
at your grave

slate sky
the thunder rumbles
in the distance

moon dance
the rain polishing
your cheeks

dew morn
your rosy face

back porch
we silently trade

every day
redoing the knot
of his tie

final morning
a silly quarrel
the door slams

silent floors
I close my eyes
and wish for you

surprise visit
a sheepish smile
cherry blossom bouquet

spring cleaning
the rain washing away

(second half)
solo haiku rounds by
Susie Wirthlin

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.