Renga Roundtable • Spring 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Aubrie Cox

Turtle Shell Sun

Aubrie Cox, Elise Scannell, & Kate Eagler


strawberry moon

Aubrie Cox also participated as an
author in the following renga:


Turtle Shell Sun

warm sun
paper rustles
against the grass

matching pastels
to the buttercups

fresh dew
from heavy leaves

a splash in my eye
startles my meditation

into the darkness
a coin plops
in the wishing well

eyes pinched, fingers crossed
she takes a deep breath

wishing for a do-over
the scent of greed
tickles his nose

monopoly money
falls out of his sleeve

casino lights
on hungry eyes

steam rises from
the fresh crab rangoon

they pull in
fishing nets filled
with dawn air

frantic pinchers
desperately grasping for life

resistance is futile
the weak
never win

my joints loosen
by pull of the moon

turn of the stomach
she knows
sleep won't come

the porcelain god
swirls clockwise

empty tire swing
in the autumn wind

covered long ago

plastered night
uneven steps
echo in the empty hall

two of everything
but none of you

turtle shell
the swaddled child

cat's cry never

monkey shakes
the bars of its cage
apple out of reach

behind the glass
days grow longer

can a new set
of bangs
alter your mood?

new old songs
on the radio

as she watches the pendulum
swing back and forth

unfinished work
calls for a late night

in the bottom
of the coffee pot

late night munchies

for the remote

white noise
from the rickety box fan

sweat drips
from her wrinkled

noon-time sun
bakes the mud dry

cherry petals
and day's last light
between my toes

sun sets on
anohter late night walk

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This kasen was written via Facebook instant messenger from April 13 to April 26, 2011.


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