Renga Roundtable • Spring 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Jennifer Kibbat

Moon Breeze

Jennifer Kibbat & Susie Wirthlin


strawberry moon

Jennifer Kibbat also participated as an
author in the following renga:


blue moon
leaving the door

the shadow of a hand
cold metal handle

a calling goose
sleep is pulled away
even further

downy blanket
the crunch of leaves

breaking dawn
the doll falls
out of bed

white light slivers
my window

warm breeze
blows the roses

a house boarded up
shutters creaking

conversation doesn't pause
for the monthly
tornado siren

she playfully wipes
cream off his nose

the smell of coffee
fills the silent room
funeral brunch

the caterers gossip
behind closed doors

roses left behind
snatching them
for her centerpiece

corsage on the mantel
after prom

summer moon
reflects off
the water

she listens intently
to the frogs' symphony

thunder applause
shaking the petals

dimming lights
as the dew dries

twinkle stars
thousands of tiny

sparkle fish
reflections of rainbows

cherry blossoms
next to your body

cold tide
memories washed ashore

hot biscuit
my breath cools
the steam

closing the gap
on a burnt tongue

sealed lips
nothing left
to say

thunder shower
plasters us together

cold rain
warm skin

icy sun
your eyes finally bloom

warm smile
strangers share
a secret

yellow night
reading your diary

dark cloud
pages left forever

weeding the garden
for a funeral

laughing lilies
they look in our

new blooms over
your old playground

rusty swings
no strong hands
to push me

red leaves fill
the unused crib

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© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.