Global Haiku Tradition • Kasen-Renga • Spring 2011


a kasen renga

Spring 2011


The Spring 2011 Renga Writing Roundtable Class

strawberry moon

This kasen renga was written as a collaborative process in class, with the following authors writing each link:

1 Susie Wirthlin
2 Elise Scannell
3 Cindy Chen
4 Susie Wirthlin
5 Kate Eagler
6 Becky Smith
7 Susie Wirthlin
8 Susie Wirthlin
9 Elise Scannell
10 Aubrie Cox
11 Jennifer Kibbat
12 Randy Brooks
13 Nora Kocher
14 Kate Eagler
15 Elise Scannell & Kate Eagler
16 Susie Wirthlin
17 Nora Kocher
18 Cindy Chen
19 Susie Wirthlin
20 Becky Smith
21 Jennifer Kibbat
22 Susie Wirthlin
23 Becky Smith
24 Cindy Chen
25 Cindy Chen
26 Susie Wirthlin
27 Kate Eagler
28 Nora Kocher
29 Nora Kocher
30 Jennifer Kibbat
31 Susie Wirthlin
32 Aubrie Cox
33 Nora Kocher
34 Jennifer Kibbat
35 Aubrie Cox
36 Elise Scannell


open window
letting the papers
fly away

door slams shut
she opens her eyes

at breakfast
the aroma
of fresh coffee

under the table
he licks up the crumbs

moon viewing
she's late

his reflection
caught in stained glass

baptismal pool
a drop of water
clings to my lip

inside his lunchbox
minnows again

walking through
the budding wood
at a turtle's pace

abandoned cabin
in the thicket

rusty nails
pin back
the curtains

a flash
in the cracked window

thick moonlit fog
the crime scene

flinging the evidence
into the river

into the bar

I scrape my pockets
for the last dime

she buys flowers
for the cross
on the side of the road

cars fly under a dark sky
silence still

first frost
the crack
of dead trees

little footprints
in the snow bank

wedding seed
for the birds

white silk
re-tying the knot

rose petals
in my wine glass

sunset disappears
a man smokes his pipe

standing alone
see you later
instead of goodbye

the wet clothes
cling to her cold skin

icy lake
fish dance
beneath the surface

journal entries waiting
on Alaska's sunrise

beneath their stars
wolves serenade
the cabin

autumn rain hits
the weathered rooftop

sun-bleached planks
the old dock slowly

a frog glides
into the reads

under the bed
postcards from places
I've never see

Tequila sunrise
in Mexico City

calling my name
in the blossom storm

wooden flute
soothes the restless air

• • •



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