Renga Roundtable • Spring 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Lacey Sutheard

Epiphany of Love

Lacey Sutheard & Tara Goheen


strawberry moon

listening to cars passing
on the porch
springtime near

sun shining
a sudden raindrop

the crunch of cereal
the dripping faucet

milk dribbles
down his chin

uneaten eggs
in the trash
as he leaves for work

dirty dishes
a ring left on the counter

shadow on your face
the moon plays
with darkness

unfolded clothes
on the lazy-boy chair

she scolds him
with a kiss
on the nose

she sits down and remembers
it's time to feed the dog

empty bowl
she eyes her daughter's
piggy bank

so many worries

a sudden change
satin sheets
a plane ride

an eclipse of the moon
filling her thoughts

change in direction
sipping her drink
her mind wanders

escape from reality
flipping pages

an empty dock
he waits
with a rose in hand

by candlelight
staring at the new girl

tears fill her eyes
a note
torn to pieces

one simple promise

shattered like yesterday's
pink lamp
after the fight

by the fireside
crackling breaks the silence

a new date
a promise
a brighter tomorrow

rose petals on the mantle
left from yesterday

Sunday brunch waits
laughter echoes
a house full

a splash of sun
glaring into the windows

a bathing suit
still sits
sand between her toes

children on the terrace

dirty shoes sitting
on the porch
in the moonlight

thunder in the clouds
brewing into a storm

the windmill sways
looking into the sky
fear is her only emotion

pitter patter of raindrops
on the front steps

pink rain boots
a new coat
her first paycheck

angel kisses
given to her baby boy

a beautiful sight
like a rose
opening at the start of spring

simplistic joy
of children

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