Renga Roundtable • Spring 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Nora Kocher

Momentum Carries Us

Nora Kocher, Becky Smith, Tara Goheen,
Kate Eagler, & Cindy Chen


strawberry moon

Nora Kocher also participated as an
author in the following renga:


Kasen "Haiku"

a final signature
to guarantee
our first home

first night's sleep
murmurs in the hallway

house warming barbecue
Daddy proudly
shakes your hand

introduced to the boyfriend
for the first time

the starry night sky
reflects the red
on your face

drops of sweat
fall into your eyes

newspaper on the
kitchen table
calling for rain

the town braces for wind
from the sea

a cold chill
raises goosebumps
across her body

innocent laughs
bloom in early spring

chills down my spine
penguin genes

a pastry and a frappe
waiting to warm me up

spring snow
hours before the sun
running to catch the train

she wheezes
to catch her breath

Roman coin melts
until the last passenger

splashing my face
attempting to wake up

in a state of panic
it's only
a bad dream

eyes squeezed shut
she pulls up the blanket

slept through the alarm
dog scratching
at the door

hide and seek starts
morning of Children's Holiday

Hanukkah candles
in the sunset

listening to the radio
a memory arises

I miss the exit
lost in a world
of circular thoughts

can't get the what-ifs
out of my head

fresh air
I open blinds getting
the atmosphere of you

tattered journal
the smell of clean leather

that night at the lake
when you left me

I tell the birds the things
I should have told you

another late morning
she rushes out
forgetting her coat

a child's giggle
delays her to-do list

homemade cookie
the table is spread
for supper

little girls
crawling to their seats

taps the board
to gain attention

the smell of
freshly sharpened pencils

passing notes
and whispers
the bell rings

momentum carries us
to another land

• • •

Our special link rules:

Every tenth link should imply or talk about children. The 11th link is a penguin link. The 12th link is a food link. The 19th link is a dog link. The last link is a travel link.


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