Renga Roundtable • Spring 2011
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Susie Wirthlin

Two Renga


strawberry moon

Susie Wirthlin also participated as an
author in the following renga:


Moon Breeze

Water Limbs

Susie & Lexi

roof sun
the endless honks
of men

foot burn
she gingerly dips

poolside blues
her too-thin bikini

forgotten final
sun daze

liquid orange
at the bar

toasted shoulders
I wince

one too many
the popsicle dripping
sticky skin

water limbs
the tide goes out

Cape Cod
she always forgets
her phone charger

packing one dress . . .
family doesn't mind

grill smoke
the freshly caught fish

sunrise visitation
his eyes . . . sandy

green lagoon
under the water
I peek

splintered dock
our initials smooth

that first kiss
he serves me
a softy

first cruise
my face blisters

swimsuit shopping
the tap rips

summer drawer
that old sarong
still sings

ancient radio
Beach Boys

family outing
my daughter digging
hermit crabs

northeast reunion
that sandy house

burnt sugar
mom's kitchen ritual

darkened theatre
my AC broke

clinking drink
another ice cube
delays the melt

shaved ice
licking his fingers

the babysitter waits
poolside kiss
old dreams

frosty bottle
the sun setting

Dad's day
letting him order
the flavor she hates

burgers and dogs
what summer diet?

paddle boat
resting in the shade
of the fountain

white crest
the tide rips

sandy toes
carefully avoiding
Mom's gaze

hot grass
our hands sweat

weekend off
watching the sun rise
and fall

sunbathing petals
the blossoms wilt

summer house
forcing one window

• • •



strawberry moon

Lode Star

a solo kasen by
Susie Wirthlin

sunny roof
our favorite song
on repeat

cold water tingles
sunburnt skin

summer dusk
the cicadas harmonize
our humming

lode star
the campfire crackles

cattail creek
your skipping stone shatters
the moon

indian summer
one last romp

old lover
the heat coming
on again

morning after
church bells clang

first confession
his eyes burning through
tiny holes

sctrachy blanket
your blush

bedtime story
my daughter asks
about boys

first date
her skirt too short

broken curfew
watching the moon rise
and fall

packing her bags
stopping at the sidewalk

rummage sale
Mom never sells

new neighbors weed
your garden

late bloom
moving truck tires crush
the blossom

ice cream outing
sugar coating the news

divorce hearing
a small wet dot
on Dad's tie

I can't tell you what's new
in a ten minute phone call

christmas past
stuffed animals turned
into checks

her hair a new color

teen spirits
refilling the bottle
with water

hosing down
the sticky floor

hazy sunday
I'm filled in by
my hospital bracelet

fingers curled
in my childhood bed

dark nursery
praying she doesn't have
daddy's addiction

midnight mass
communion abstinence

blue highway
glowing in the moonlight
roadside crosses

cruise control
in your memory

first drive
she asks about
the dents

bedtime ritual
I kiss your frame

piano keys
letting dust settle
around the fingerprints

concerto night
crisp white wine

warm water
cherry blossoms float
between us

grassy bed
the fireflies dim

• • •



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