Tanka Matching Contest - 1 - Tanka Writing Roundtable, Fall 2009 • Millikin University

nothing more
to you
but laughing smiles.
Even in the Rain.

in the living room
laughter still lingers
from the chairs
they once claimed

camera phone
a pic of her boyfriend
in the hospital
xray of his arm
broken in two places

rows of pottery
and old glass
at the flea market
we are all





top quarter champion


top half champion


bottom quarter champion




Finally back
into your arms—
the feeling that everything
will be alright
seeps through me.

talking of black holes
too strong for light to escape
I fall again
into your arms
too weak to escape

I reach out
to pick this perfect rose
that has been placed here
for me
he is already holding it

Two burns
three cuts later.
I have
a pie.


top half champion




bottom half champion

50, 60, 70
miles per hour
rushes through my body
flashing lights

5 stop lights
6 towns
7 roads
to get to you... or
8 seconds

your dimples
enthuse me
to do my best
one day you will be
my husband

another catch 22
unable to make
wrongs right
another fight





top quarter champion


bottom half champion


bottom quarter champion




crowded room
feels so empty
all it needs
is a breathing
ball of fur

second hand sweatshirt
warming my bones
such a chilly day
nowhere near

a lingering kiss
makes this night
a warm memory—
you giggle
at my beard’s caress

i drive by a couple
leaning in for a kiss
lips almost touching
i pass by
before they reach

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.