Tanka Matching Contest 2- Returns

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Tanka Writing Roundtable, Fall 2009 • Millikin University

carrying two crates
of sweaters
into the cold
i’m happy
just to be home

counting the days
until its time
to go home,
back to my goofy
family and crazy friends

breathing in
hot chocolate, popcorn,
brisk October air
the homecoming game begins
my youth again

the marching band moves
in the distance
my fingers remember
an old, old tune
and play without a sound





top quarter champion


top half champion

bottom quarter champion




in a silver band
I never gave away
I close the lid
not wanting to remember

a ring
much too large
it fits perfectly
for me

the bilge builds
in my throat
as they rush
towards me
demanding news

Halloween dog toy
I can’t wait
to see your reaction
when I come home


top half champion





bottom half champion


all at once
she shows me
her smile
and her black roses
sitting on my windowsill

I open
the door
Your smile
is my

I see your smile
and smile back
wishing you
were here

no matter where
I am in the
as long as I’m in your arms
I’m home





top quarter champion


bottom half champion

bottom quarter champion




that magical place
two hours away
I know soon
it will be my home

setting sun
empty fields
the long road

Thinking of
I call my mom
and remember
why I left.

homecoming photos
emailed to the family.
a cell phone call
from the prodigal son
on his journey

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.