Tanka Matching Contest 3 - Harvest Moon

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Tanka Writing Roundtable, Fall 2009 • Millikin University

moon hangs
over the fields
miserable child conceived
for his father's bidding

a mist of soft light glows
on the far off horizon
even among friends
i am still all

weights tied
to my feet
I struggle
to break free
not taken under

she casually mentions
her boyfriend…
suddenly i realize
how terribly lonely
i’ve become





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harvest moonrise
out of practice
my bones rattle
posturing my body
for your receipt

in the silver light
of the moon
i want
to come find you

this golden globe
they call a moon
is taken for granted
now I bask in it
and adorn it

the autumn air
more clear
than summer
I sit back
and breathe


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bottom half champion


finding time
for tea
and the moon
shows up

tea ceremony
I ask
which way
the moon will rise

pound rice
all night long
you stir green tea
with an ivory spoon

through the branches
then a curve of moon
then the rabbit
and rabbit's friend





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bottom quarter champion




give me
your hand
i'll hold it
summer nights
forever and ever

gazing up at stars
I wonder
is your infinity
larger than mine?

willow weeps
a river
another year in the fields
before marriage
he says

weeping willow tree
I see your branches
fly free
a summer breeze
must be wonderful

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.