Tanka Kukai 5 - Thanksgiving - Favorites

Roundtable Tanka Kukai 5, Fall 2009

Good night
Good morning
a new day has begun
I feel like
I’ve already won

from the greyhound
to grocery shopping
to our suite
we plan
for her birthday

where do we go
from here
his chair
under the strain

my teeth
I stop—
I'm in love
with two men

Aubrie Cox (4)

late night prayer
I wonder
if He hears me
a million other voices
calling His name

Brianna Martin (5)

thankful only
to have you back
I sit
not saying anything
and chew the turkey you fried

your grandfather
eating pumpkin pie
so silently
I cry inside to think
what little time he has left

like old maids
meeting for coffee,
precariously perched
grackles gossip
on a stop sign

Jackson Lewis (7)

dark starlight
in your eyes
you ask me
what happened
in Afghanistan

Aubrie Cox (5)

give me a smile
I'll give one back
day after day
we hold each other up
your eyes remind me

spending the night
at my mom's
school seems
appealing again
to be back home

weighs me down
stronger than ever
powering down…

Don Gorjuan

so much to do
so much to see

Don Gorjuan (7)

good food
sitting next to you
we hold hands
I whisper in your ear
your mom hates me

Heather Burgess (7)

I’m back home
where the night
is that much darker
and the moon
that much brighter

thumbing through
a Chekhov play
it hits me—
the Russians
call this comedy!

Jackson Lewis (7)

plum blossoms
I've got a thousand
paper cranes
in my heart

Aubrie Cox (7)

return to school
a sigh of relief
as I pour
a glass of wine

waking up
to a text from her
I wonder how I could
have ever

Joseph Bein (5)

airport lobby
wearing your uniform
you seem
a little taller
than when you left

Joseph Bein (4)

the everlasting question of
what to do with my life
my outgoing self
becomes shamefully

Nikki Evans (3)

revolving door
so slow
to get to you.
why must these walls
be made of glass?

Joseph Bein (2)

an old moon
you say
our love
is waning

Aubrie Cox (3)

giving thanks
‘round the table
at my house
as much sarcasm
as food before us

Dear John
in shaking hands
signs it

Aubrie Cox (5)

wedding day
I witness a new union
they look so happy
I wonder if
I’ll get the chance

getting frustrated
dad takes the controller
from me
and beats my boyfriend
at canoeing

Michelle Dixson (5)

we are broke
we both know that
but every year we find
for one another

Heather Burgess (3)

holiday photos
we smile
at dad

Lainie Pahos (5)

life moves so fast
better stop now
while I’m ahead

the ambling tortoise
moves ahead of the hare

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.