Tanka Writing Roundtable • Fall 2009
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Elaina Pahos

Lainie's Tanka Book

Elaina Pahos

This class is my first attempt at tanka. I have really enjoyed writing tanka, and I've found myself jotting down a few poems whenever I feel overwhelmed. All of my tanka are very personal and a lot of them are about specific people in my life. When people read my tanka, they will catch a glimpse of my life and how I feel. This collection makrs the start of my newfound fondness of tanka.

looking around my room
thinking of what to write
I see a Bavarian clock
and a bag from Prague
I’m not here anymore

you are more than a friend,
you stand by me
when the world walks out.
and for that,
I owe you my life.

holiday photos
we smile
at dad


fall football
touch too light
tackle too rough
we play
with hugs

I open
the door
Your smile
is my


changing leaves
glassy lake
everything’s perfect
with you

Two burns
three cuts later.
I have
a pie.


Thinking of
I call my mom
and remember
why I left.

© 2009, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.