Tanka Matching Contest - 1

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Tanka Writing Roundtable, Fall 2011 • Millikin University

shirt soaked with sweat
I can't catch my breath
my hair in tangles
you make me feel

on that breezy summer day,
it was your smile
that made me feel
that i could
trust again

snow to my knees
empty swings still
the frigid air against my face
but it is the only thing
that stops the tears

the coat hanger,
wearing your hat,
casts your shadow on the wall
and i'm suddenly




top quarter champion


top half champion

bottom quarter champion



ignoring the broken nose
and black eyes
he wipes my tears
and says
"I love you"

I wipe my face
clean of my tears
this once cold beer
turns warm
unlike my heart

Dear Love,
the kisses
you sent me
were stale.
Try again.

a dangerous kiss
and I know the taste
blue edge
of a zippo


top half champion



bottom half champion

as I walked
I saw a bird
feeding it's young.
I realize
that bird will soon be me

too hungry
to take another bite
she chews her lip
and swallows
her words instead

in the middle
of night
wings wrestling
outside my window
too early for dawn

a squirrel
perched in a maple tree
eating his fill
I wonder when
her next meal will be




top quarter champion


bottom half champion

bottom quarter champion



oreos and peanut butter
bring back
childhood memories
surely there will be
some good ones here too?

the faces who
defined my life
stare at me
from the wall
they're always here

your large body
your fur coat
your wet tongue
you lay on me and I know
I am home

Orange line
to Roosevelt...
late for work again
that's home

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.