Roundtable Tanka To Edit 1
Fall 2011


the song that played
as you walked
away for the last time
and your smile
forever in my mind

rearrange the furniture?

the weary heads
from long days
thank you

so many plurals?

A love affair
In the Garden of Eden.
Petals after petals--
Only thorns remain.

too many breaks
(smooth last 3 lines into 1 phrase?)








two shoes hovering
can't cease
imagining . . .
when will it drop
only you know

alternative variations? where?


you were quiet
i didn't understand . . .
i gave myself away
to someone else

almost all voice?
need an image?

your watch
abandoned on the table
gently ticking
I sit up listening with a glass of
wine on our anniversary

edit slightly, careful because this one is sooooo close








puddles of summer moonlight . . .
I embrace you beneath the watching eyes
                                     of the forest,
              drink the magick from your lips
              and hope autumn never comes

so good, but do we need so much?







© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.