Tanka Kukai 4 - Thanksgiving - Fall 2011

sun rising through
my window
I awaken
to a new world
and the smell of turkey

the smells wafting
from the oven
stir stormclouds in my stomach
and I belch

blinking in the rain
I wonder if I am the turkey
this year
meant to drown in rum
and stupid dreams

Samantha Parks (4)

as the wishbone
the smaller fragment
in my hands

Brittany Mytnik (5)

holding the wishbone
I see her face
and long to see it more
I lost . . .

after the three hour drive
I insert a key into my front door
it won't open
because I used
my dorm room key

i never eat enough
to satisfy my
i'm not growing

Owen Kosik (3)

stuffed up like a bird
bulging and tired,
so sick of pie.
yup, the holidays
have arrived

I went home
for Thanksgiving break
and all I got
was this lousy cold
and a speeding ticket!

Bill Rzesutko (3)

so many things to be thankful for...
I know I should
give them all a chance,
but all I can think about
is you.

Morgan Ewald (3)

sweater vests
warmth from the fireplace
tinkling of glasses
so much to be thankful for

crazy family,
lots of food,
shouting, games, music, dancing,
thanksgiving . . .

hands clasped
in prayer
around the dinner table
a spasm shakes
the atheist cousin's hand

Brittany Mytnik (5)

my devout family
bows their heads
my brother and I
look at each other
should we play along?

Owen Kosik (5)

The offer of leftovers
to take back to campus.
Heading back
with three cans
of whip cream.

Joe Sparks (3)

its been a long time
since I've seen them
loud strangers smelling of musk
invade my home with cranberry sauce
and saucy southern gossip

Samantha Parks (4)

this year we make grandma's favorite
and I teach my brother
how to cut the noodles just right
tiptoeing to place them in the pan
. . . chicken n' dumplings

Samantha Parks (4)

thanksgiving break,
I know what I am thankful for.
This year,
it is
your kisses

Face to face
I whisper
on your lips
not goodbye
but see you soon.

Desi Thomas (5)

through the sheer curtains
on the front windows
i see my parents kiss
as i ring the doorbell
returning home

Brittany Mytnik (4)

my frosted windshield
keeps me in front of your house
I sit idly
feeling like
a stalker

Kendall Robison (5)

wishing it didn't have to end
so soon . . .
I look at a picture,
and wonder when
I'll see you next

After telling you
the test was negative
I can't help but
notice the sad
look on your face

We finally get the
air bed ready but
instead of sleeping,
we tickle each other
and laugh the night away

two brand new
one smiles constantly
the other
not so much

Owen Kosik (3)

sunny winter day
the snow blinds me
Im happy I can't see
your departing

Kendall Robison (7)

You say you’ll change
but you never do
like the
man on the moon.

wanting to battle
with depression
I call my ally
a big, giant
chocolate bar

King, queen, jack
lined up at the table.
Merry Christmas
I mutter,
pouring another glass for myself.

Joe Sparks (3)

© 2011, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
All rights returned to authors upon publication.