Millikin University Course

Haiku Writing Roundtable
Fall 2001 • Dr. Randy Brooks

See the haiku in memorium
for the Terrorist Attack victims.

  last words . . .
a cell phone message
on the answering machine
by Dr. Randy Brooks


September 11
my clay pot falls over

by Cathy Sadowski

Haiku Writing Roundtable

Course Description

EN170 Haiku Writing Roundtable was a student centered one-credit workshop modeled after writers' groups. This workshop met as a weekly reading circle. For the fall 2001 semester, we explored the Japanese and English haiku traditions. Students read and wrote about the haiku tradition, and tried several approaches to composing their own original haiku.

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in the guitar case
mother's soul
waits to be re-strung

by Ben Alvey

Student Haiku Colletions:

AmandaHill BenAlvey BrockPeoples CathySadowski
JasonSalters NickWalters SarahKnutilla
Jason Salters Nick

Required Books

The Haiku Anthology edited by Cor Van Den Heuvel. Paperback edition (2000) W.W. Norton & Company.

Zen Art for Meditation by Stewart W. Holmes & Chimyo Horioka. (Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle, 1973).

Autumn Wind Haiku: Selected Poems by Kobayashi Issa by Lewis MacKenzie. Paperback (Sept. 1999) Kodansha International.

Almost Unseen : Selected Haiku of George Swede by George Swede, 2000 Brooks Books.

School’s Out: Selected Haiku of Randy Brooks by Randy Brooks, 1999 Press Here.

Einstein's Century: Akito Arima's Haiku 2001 Brooks Books.

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