EN170 Haiku Roundtable • Fall 2002
Dr. Randy Brooks
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Stefanie Lovelass


Stefanie Lovelass

As a recent haiku enthusiast, I have found the genre to best be used in quiet times of reflection. Haiku provide an energized platform for dramatic imagery amplified through word use. Haiku has provided me with the option of following the traditional forms or experiment with structure and diction. As a writer, haiku has encouraged me to flex my creative muscles, resulting in a fantastic overall improvement in my writing.

rusty mesa
the canyon veins
breathe life into the horizon

communal gallon
raspberry sherbet
on a friend's spoon

swishing long tail
fans the plump cat
as he basks on the step



raspberry sweater
on the way to her shower
strewn across the chair

turquoise beads
against her breasts
she leans across the bar



twin twisted knots
adorn the nape of her neck
Christmas ornaments

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