EN170 Haiku Roundtable • Fall 2002
Dr. Randy Brooks
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Travis Meisenheimer


Travis Meisenheimer

I chose this title for various reasons. I feel that this sense of randomness fits my collection because my topics range from the important things like football and beer to relationships, death, friendship and alcoholism. As my reading partner pointed out, my haiku have a message that can't be learned from a casual reading—one must dig deeper he says to find it. I chose these lucky 13 because they reflect me—random and unpredictable.

Reading Partner's Response

Most of Travis' haiku I have read seem to have a thought-provoking message. The meanings are not initially apparent, but must be further dug into. Travis' signature haiku:

coffee brews
I remain asleep
why are YOU here?

gives the reader a setting of early morning. Someone the author knows but doesn't want there at that moment is making coffee. The author wants to sleep, but he smells the aroma of the coffee brewing, and that how he knows the person is still there.

—Andrew Kirchgesner

sitting on the porch
pile of beer cans

hallowed ground
he turns away

alone by the fire
she shivers
fading as the day



reaching out to her
she refuses
. . . falling further

   sitting in the dark
at the glow of the monitor
   the face of creation



freezing rain
we warm each other

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