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Haiku Writing Roundtable
Fall 2002 • Dr. Randy Brooks



cold night stars 
her hands 
in my pockets

by Brock Peoples
(best haiku of Fall 2002)


  snow still falling
stop at her grave
by Stacy Radliff


down the escalator
your face appears
from a thousand miles

by Elisabeth Kreydich
(best senryu of Fall 2002)

Haiku Writing Roundtable

Course Description

EN170 Haiku Writing Roundtable was a student centered one-credit workshop modeled after writers' groups. This workshop met as a weekly reading circle.

For the fall 2002 semester, we explored the Japanese and English haiku traditions. Students read and wrote about the haiku tradition, and tried several approaches to composing their own original haiku.

Students in Haiku Writing Roundtable

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Semester's Best Haiku

Semester's Best Senryu


dusty with cobwebs
the red boots
against the doorframe
by Candace Golden

Fall 2002 Student Haiku Colletions:

AndreaRoewe TravisMeisenheimer BrockPeoples
Andrea Roewe Travis Meisenheimer Brock Peoples Candace Golden


JimOsmun MaureenYates
  Stephanie Lovelass Jim Osmun Maureen Yates
NikkiGarry RyanHosler no photo StacyRadliff
Nikki Garry RyanHosler.jpg Ann Anderson Stacy Radliff

Required Books

The Haiku Anthology edited by Cor Van Den Heuvel. Paperback edition (2000) W.W. Norton & Company.

Zen Art for Meditation by Stewart W. Holmes & Chimyo Horioka. (Rutland, VT: Charles E. Tuttle, 1973).

Global Haiku Anthology edited by George Swede & Randy Brooks, (Oakville, Ontario: Mosaic Press, 2000).

School’s Out: Selected Haiku of Randy Brooks, (Foster City, CA: Press Here, 1999).

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