EN170 Haiku Writing Roundtable
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University • Fall 2003
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James Hartlett

Psychedelic Haiku

James Hartlett

After reading my haiku over and over I came to the conclusion that my haiku are different. They follow no traditional guideline and often are very abstract. I like to write things that have many different meanings, which I think fits very well with the spirit of haiku. There is nothing better than reading one of your original haiku and not remembering the original meaning it had, which allows for new meaning to complete your thoughts.

It is in the spirit of this idea that I came up with the idea of psychedelic haiku. You are never looking at the same thing twice. Haiku is a feel good relaxing and spiritually uplifting activity for me, and I thought what better way to show that than making a very colorful, very interruptive piece of art mixed with my writings. Each haiku tells a story and each story means something different to others.

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