EN170 Haiku Writing Roundtable
Dr. Randy Brooks
Millikin University • Fall 2003
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Michael Worth

Selected Haiku

Michael Worth

RAW EMOTION is the first collection of haiku from Michael. The title is the best description of the haiku. He would like to thank his girlfriend, the tobacco companies, and all the girls that scorned him, for the material used in these haiku. A very special thank you also goes to Dr. Randy Brooks for evolving his senses and showing him the way of haiku. Enjoy the ride.

belly laugh
understanding smile
head of the haiku table

long journey home
the moon reflecting off the cherry
of my cigarette

a smoke ring        billows
     I finally did it!

cigarette on the porch
   the breeze and Holden Caulfield
      keep me company



smudged fingerprints
magnified on the car window
sun hits them just right

Another one gone
   I need to make my mind wander
      old vices comfort me



playing under the covers
giggling like school children
another rainy day

broken glass
   empty dashboard
      they nabbed my favorite CD



a dark room paradise
laying together
I breathe you in

looking in her eyes
         a mural
infinite variety of blue


©2003 Randy Brooks, Millikin University, Decatur, Illinois || all rights reserved for original authors