EN170 Haiku Writing Roundtable • Fall 2005
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Rick Bearce

Selected Haiku

Rick Bearce

Introduction: I really enjoyed haiku this year, especially since I began to reach out and find my own style. Writing haiku that are non-typical or even downright crude interested me last year, but I didn't take the time to devote my writing to that style. This year, on the other hand, most if not all of my haiku were focused on non-typical themes, usually capturing some humorous aspect of life. These senryu/haiku are a collection of my favorites from this year.

farmer’s daughter
selling produce—
What superb melons!

breeze on the lake
in the distance
laughs of drunken fishermen

barefoot in the lobby
I step—
on a fingernail clipping


brisk morning
the fat man
running with no shirt

open window
our conversation waits
for the passing train


hiking the serene wilderness
in the distance
a Boy Scout watering a rock

brisk October day
trying hard not to stare
at her nipples


country music concert
the man in front of me
with a huge mullet

Thanksgiving grocery shopping
the car
with a wobbly wheel


Opening the shower curtain
and Grandpa!

cold November night
rocking back and forth
the car with fogged windows


week before Christmas—
trying not to make eye contact
with the Salvation Army bell ringer

rusted car
a Christmas tree
hanging out of the trunk


waking up
beside her
crumpled panties

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