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the playground . . .
     we used to swing


by Amy Van Rheeden


holding hands
     . . . stargazing
a leaf falls blocking Leo


by Carrie Seymour

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Haiku Writing Roundtable
Fall 2006 • Dr. Randy Brooks

Course Description

The primary goal of this course is to read, write and publish haiku. As a pass/fail course, the secondary goal is to have fun sharing the creative process in a small workshop atmosphere. We will celebrate the diversity of voices and variety of experiences which will be evident in the student works.

For the Fall 2006 semester, students will gain an aesthetic understanding of Zen poetics underlying the haiku tradition and write original haiku from memory, imagination, direct observation, and meditation. We are especially looking at haiku and visual arts this semester.

Each week we will have a traditions reading assignment, a short analysis assignment in response to readings, and a writing assignment.

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Haiku Roundtable 2006
Millikin University






AJ Burse

Amy Van Rheeden

Brent Taylor

Carol Colby

Carrie Seymour







Goli Rahimi

John Wright

JP Moyemont

Kristen Robinson






Missy Brassie

Nate Halteman

Rick Bearce

Ryan Hosler

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