Haiku Roundtable • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Alex Kitchens
Alex Kitchens

Hello, My Name is Love

Alex Kitchens

At the beginning of the course, I was a bit skeptical about the content of this class. I was more used to traditional poetry like Petrarchan sonnets. The Zen art did not really appeal to me. Through the course of the semester, I learned how to love not just haiku, but all poetry. The following is a result of this love.

peach cobbler
after grandma's visitation
tastes bland

sitting on the park bench
eyeing the strangers
who ignore his rant

Mom's lasagna
always better
after refrigeration

toddler eats a cigarette
dad is going to quit
. . . tomorrow

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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