Haiku Roundtable • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Aubrie Cox
Aubrie Cox

September Rain

Aubrie Cox


It didn't hit me until shortly after fall break that this would be my last haiku class at Millikin University. I first took Global Haiku Traditions in Spring 2008 as a freshman, and have since taken classes, independent studies, and ventured into the haiku community. The exposure to this form shaped my college experience, and has been nothing but beneficial.

The following are samples of published haiku that I've written in the last three years.

wilted lilacs...
your hand
slips from mine

     Collage 38.1

every place taken
on the finch feeder
September rain

     The Heron's Nest 11.3

alcohol breath
from his side of the grate

     bottle rockets #21

pink petals
she chooses
a lighter lip gloss

     Modern Haiku 40.3

harvest moon
rises above the branches
tea's aftertaste

     bottle rockets #22

warmth leaves
my teacup--
a child's cry

     Frogpond 33.1

stone lotus
the buddha's hands

     Notes From the Gean #5

father-daughter talk
my fishing lure
caught in the moon

     tinywords 10.2

blue snow
moonlight sonata
out of tune

     Chrysanthemum #8

up the mountain
the dog brings
his own ball

     Heron's Nest 12.4

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