Haiku Roundtable • Fall 2010
Dr. Randy Brooks

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Holly Logsdon
Holly Logsdon

Life's Movements

Holly Logsdon

Haiku is a misunderstood art. It is more complex than a mere syllable pattern. Haiku is about looking at the relevance of every day things and finding the small miracles within those moments and objects. The poems tend to be three lines, but the rhythm is all up to you, what inspires you to take note of the small miracles around you.

My haiku were all written for a class, but they can all be connected through a similar theme: life. I know it sounds simple, but all of these haiku are about moments in a person's life, beginning as simple and progressing to tougher situations. Life is always moving & these haiku will take the reader from a youthful innocence to a painful understanding of the end.

slipper feet
quietly pad their way
to the Christmas tree

rolling down hill
autumn leaves
in her hair

summer tea party
listening to the rain
on my porch

baking with mom
she tells me
she's leaving dad

quiet drive
I fiddle
with the radio

stumbling home
he fiddles with the lock:
wrong house

driving alone
to the clinic—
she's too young

cigarette still smoldering
in the ashtray
of an ex-lover

a starless sky
on a warm night
keeps my secrets

the porch swing
still rocks
with out you.

high school t-shirt
too tight.
I place it in the keep pile.

a letter
faded from time
she knows it by heart

the patch of green grass
grows best along the edge
of your grave

© 2010, Randy Brooks • Millikin University
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